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To you, what is objectivity?

Considering different angles. 

To be objective is to be impartial. But the question should be, "does objectivity in journalism really exist?" 

Objectivity is a myth, but as journalists we must strive still to see news through unbiased eyes. 

Seeing both sides of the topic and discussing it to the viewer in an honest unbiased way. 

Objectivity should be seen as a spectrum - it's never fully attainable but should be seen as the ideal. We can aim for objectivity but must acknowledge that all journalism is subjective. 

Objectivity is taking on a subject like a blank slate. All bias and previous knowledge must be kept at bay when reporting on a subject. For instance, I know quite a lot about Internet-based wordprocessing software. Is use it a lot in my daily life. But when I report about Microsoft-based wordprocessor software, I try to step out of my previous experience and understand things from a different prespective. Readers must trust that you as a journalist will be objective. Without obtectivity, your stories will ring hollow. 

Objectivity is the goal when reporting an issue. It is something that can be measured absolutely despite the reader's opinion. 

objectivity is something that can considered fairness or something of an disinterest if you choose to work on a subject that lacks a reason for the public to want to know more about it or anything about it at all. 

Objectivity is taking no sides. I like to present different voices in an article and let the reader decide. The writer does not take a stance. That, to me, is objectivity. We have to accept different shades of opinion, even if some are anathema to us. It is for the reader to decide what is good or bad. 

Objectivity has two meanings: in Mainstream Journalism it's mostly about Neutrality while in Developmental Journalism it means presenting the two sides of the story. 

objectivity is an absurd field in journalism... 

As long as you do your work in an ethical manner, you are exercising objectivity.

But I no longer see objectivity as something without taking side, for the fact that journalists go out there to gather their stories, is in itself, a fulfillment of an angle or slant they are pursuing.

Objectivity is not allowing your personal feelings or opinion overshadow your reporting; balancing the story by including both sides of the story (those for or against an opinion or happening) 

To me objectivity is obtain a position that will enable me to utilise my strong organisational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with team 

Its that part of the news that has its relevance to the society. 

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