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What is "news"?

"news" i believe is to be any information that may concern others within the current moment in time. 

Something that changes colors and faces everyday, but not necessarily its contents. What "news" should be? is a better question. News should be exactly the opposite of what we get today.

There is nothing new about someone killing another, or rape, or robbery, kids dying, who's marrying who, etc. News would be: none of the above happened today!

News is an arbitrary label that can be attached to any event, action, reaction or information that anyone - no matter who they are - finds interesting, significant or mentally enticing or captivating. "News" is a forever shifting, changing and metamorphic entity that resists a concrete definition as it changes as quickly as the world does. 

News for us is anything that is worth to the people interested in Jiu-Jitsu. 

Anything that deepens our macro and micro understanding of our world and what's affecting us. 

News is basically what a person thinks when they hear the word. 

Almost anything. Everything can be news worthy but as a general rule that which has the most relevancy or interest to the most people. 

News is any story that has either topicality, conflict or human interest. Any two of these should make for a story that will be relevant or interesting to a lot of people. An article (or post) with all three would be considered "front page" material. 

Valuable knowledge provided to your neighbour and/or global communities around the world. 

I'll tell you what news is NOT: It's not about who cheated on their significant other, what it feels like to lose someone seconds after it's happened, what a murderer's neighbors' distant impressions of them were, where a celebrity is appearing or who has gained or lost weight.

News is not based upon the journalist's perspective, nor is it speculative. News is not sensationalistic, nor is it fatalistic. It's not about who has more money than who and it's not watered down. It's not presenting a simplistic version of a bill after it's been passed rather than before.

News is not a means to judge.

News is what I find an interesting part of our society today. It's ever changing, and updating, keeping us informed of the world around us. No matter if its something that happens in mine or your neighborhood, or on the other side of the world. There is always something happening. If its something that needs to be told, someone will report it. 

News for us is what interests our readers. It is also about what our editors feel should be brought to public attention. News needs to be critical and analytical to be of any use. There's a place for trivia and entertainment. Fitzrovia News seeks to inform, educate and entertain. 

Anything that's worth telling about. 

News is a tricky question. For some people it's political driven information while for others its stories with a personal connection. 

What a reporter/writer/editor/publisher defines as relevant information that needs to be communicated to the mass medium. What the reader/user/visitor perceives as relevant information to interests or affects them. 

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