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What is "news"?

Things that are new; facts. Not the things which are most exciting or incendiary, which most broadcasters and publications consider it to be. 

Democracy prevailing & executed in the true sense, all over... 

If it bleeds, it leads, they say. I prefer things that are not just novel and recent but that make a difference. Controversy is over-rated. Knowledge and analysis is under-rated. 

News are about public interest and about things that people should get to know. The most excited news are does ones that past away from the public eye but affects a lot to people. 

Information about contemporary life. 

It's an allusion, about that which is commonly believed to be "new." Though when analysed, it's often reporting about something known for sometime, such as the "the building collapsed," while the back story NOT reported, is that that particular building, was falling down for more then ten years, and was ignored. Perhaps stated another way, "news" is often reporting WHAT its purveyors have ignored until such time as it's no longer possible to ignore. "Abe won the Presidency," while he was ignored in the other 11 offices he ran for and was defeated....

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Anything that is current and of relevance and interest to a broad spectrum of people. It should be timely, have impact and happen near the people reading it. Things that are unusual (man bites dog), controversial or involve people of prominence are particularly newsworthy. 

Real,stuff,Nightcreep stlelE he gives it uncut the trutH 

"News" is - or should be - the accurate reporting of events without bias. If it happened, it happened. It is the purvey of the reader to base an opinion on the information presented. Contrary to current belief, it is not the role of the journalist to steer that opinion. 

Anything that is of interest to anyone 

It's whatever's happening now, broadcast to other people. 

News, to me, are stories that your reader would like to know and expect you to tell him/her 

Hmmm… objective reporting of topical stories 

News is what is happening now. News illustrates how people relate to one another. News is better understanding the human condition in the modern world. Sometimes it's as brief as a police wire and sometimes it is a 8,000-word feature on the housing foreclosure. News is represented in words, pictures, videos and sounds. 

News is what informs our collective human experience. 

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