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What is your specialty? What subjects do you deal with?

Journalism, Writing, Photography, Acting, TV, Movies & Blogging. 

I write about three different aspects of restaurant dining: design; food/menu; and wine and other "adult beverages." 

News, politics, current affairs, international affairs,citizen generated news content. 

My specialty is Israel. I proactively work on showcasing everything Israel that is positive. I try to steer away from the negative, reactive stories. They are common and no one wants to hear my opinion on themm 

We specialise in the countryside sector so you'll find articles, information and comment subjects such as: countryside, conservation, wildlife, ecology and biodiversity, arboriculture, rights of way, environmental education. And as our other 'string' is recruitment you'll find a bit about countryside jobs too. 

Because of my medical background I have written a lot about medical things including interesting research, amazing survival stories and personal healthcare.

I have a broad interest so I have also written about financial issues, topical issues (Wikileaks and Openleaks) and public relations (internal communications, change communications).

If the topic is interesting, it is very easy to become absorbed and fascinated by the strangest of things.

I cover Istanbul, Turkey, Middle East, Caucasus and EU. Focusing on economy, politics, energy, tourism, minorities, human rights, European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and basketball... 

I deal with Entertainment subjects (Music and Movies) Both in English and Spanish 

The responsibility of serving the public is what makes me most proud to be a journalist. My passion is under reported news, under reported angles, international current affairs and investigative hard hitting journalism. Most recently I wrote about how US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with an untreatable and incurable lung disease are being dismissed as out of shape because their lung function tests appear normal. Please if you ever come across any information you think people may want to know regardless of the subject matter you can email me at sarahjonesreports at gmail dot com.

Link to the Article on Us Soldiers Returning from Iraq and Afghanistan: http://www.channel4.com/news/mystery-lung-illness-affecting-iraq-and-afghanistan-veterans

General news with a special focus on entertainment. 

My specialty is print journalism yet I also enjoy working in the broadcast field. With broadcast journalism, I prefer working with Final Cut Pro over working with i-Movie yet I am able to work with both.

I am currently working on my journalism thesis that is an investigation in the world of Wall Street and the Greed behind the people who work in this industry. Moreover, the focus discusses how greed is one of the seven deadly sins that is encouraged as opposed to shunned. When one looks at a greedy trader or stock broker who is successful, one admires him as opposed to when one looks at any of the other deadly sins and there is automatically a negative connotation behind it.

I write for the food industry, as well artisanal food as industry produced food. Currently I am editor in chief for a magazine about artisanal gelato. I wouldn't say it's my specialty. I think I could write about everything. 

I deal with developments in both global tunnelling and in the trenchless sector, whether news, projects, education, technology or equipment 

My specialty is music/bands. I write articles for concerts in Fort Worth including upcoming shows and a few review pieces on occasion. 

I take as it comes. 

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