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Is it possible for someone in advertising to communicate well with people of other generations or cultures not their own?

If you ever been in love you can relate to lovers and so on. And if you are curious about the contemporary world you are able to connect with young or old people, no matter your own age.

Regarding other cultures, I think you have to use universal references like love, hate, family, mother-father-son-daughter etc. Things that everyone can relate to.

I think it is possible. Humans don't know everything. So therefore, as humans, we seek knowledge so that we may know and truly understand. That is how I feel with advertising across various cultures. You may not know the the essence of a culture but there is nothing in the "rule books" that says that you can't research and ask questions to truly understand the market you wish to target wit your campaign/message.

So do i find it possible? Absolutely. Just try to understand the culture more as oppose to telling people about a culture they know and live everyday. I notice that many advertising professionals lack that and are now realizing the issue of "How do I better communicate with them?"

Never assume that you know what you talking about. EVEN IF YOU DO, double check. It's possible that you could've missed something.

Yes of course! 

I think its a possible,because advertising very extremely communicates.. Every peole can votting or give a good tips,, 

It's a requirement. We have to be able to speak to, influence and inspire a variety of different demographics. 

We view advertising as the marketing communications arm of business. What worth would be communicator who can't communicate? 

Of course, if you are a good communicator you can communicate with anybody anywhere. 

yes, if before you did a big work to understand the target (assessment/search/focus group/qualitative and quantitative informations/interviews/...) 

But of course. Otherwise only kids would be able to make ads that appeal to kids. 

They have to. That is why people has to be curious about what is going on around. I work in the middle east and i am european. I have to. 

Sure. If you know what they're into, what their concerns are, what resonates, then you should be fine. That's good communication, and too many young folks haven't even learned that in school. 

To communicate with people of other generations is not difficult if you pay attention to what happens near you. You can understand the youngsters or the elders by talking to them and understand them. But communicate with people from different cultures might be difficult especially if they don't have anything similar with your own culture. Even so, companies succed to communicate worldwide the same message successfully, so nothing is imposible. The main aim is to find an idea that can be applied everywhere. Or to get them know better and live among them so that you can easily attract them. 

This is 100% possible by simply doing some market research. It is very important to study customer behaviors and create communication strategies that fit your target groups.

This is a skill that every good marketing manager should have in order to get to a good ROI.

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