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Have you ever felt cheated by adverts?

At some point in time, everyone feels they've been promised more than they've received, sure! 

Who's coming up with the questions? Sounds like someone out of the UK... 

I wouldnĺt say cheated, disappointed? Yeah! 

Of course. Read the fine print, listen closely! 


hhehehe... that's how it works... 

all the time, but then again, this business is about selling stuff you don't need. Advertising makes you think you need it. 

Sure when it's obvious that they took the easy route and didn't try something new. 

A lot of times... 

I am in advertising so I know the reality 



I believe, 'if you promise too much, or mislead a potential customer, sure you can feel cheated. We deal in truth, just in a unique perspective to capture the imagination and hearts of consumers.' 

No. I tend not to buy into stuff too much. I think the 'cheated' part comes more across in women's advertising as they are made more promises than men. 

yes i do 

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