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Have you ever felt cheated by adverts?

You bet - when they falsely represented a product as being better or other than what it was.

Ultimately, overhyped ads don't benefit anyone. You've got to present the product in the best light possible, but overrated claims just lead to disappointment on the part of the consumer. That's bad news for the company in the long run because it squashes chances for repeat business, which is the most lucrative thing anyway. Besides, word gets around - especially in this age of the Internet.

Sometimes yes. But it's a part of the ad industry. I'd avoid it as much as possible and when I can't, I'd suck it up and walk on. 

Loads of times. 

Yes i guess everyone is a 'target market' even Creatives! 



Yes because of the confusing visuals and copy they used. 

Only when product claims aren't met. 

Constantly. Is why I would like to create a new way to communicate, more entertaining, more funny, more respectful. 

yes, but is not their fault, is the client that doesnt deliver 

yes. i live in india. 



Never fell for anything sneaky. That’s one of the perks of working in the industry. You can always sniff out the liars. 

oh definitely. under the guise of creativity, any crap is promised. 

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