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With which types of persons do you feel you work well with as a team?

That type of people which can see their work with love and passion, the people which they like what they do and don't just do it for money, or because they are asked to do it. 

people that are open minded...those that know when to step up and take over and when to sit back and let others take the reigns, people that are willing to carry their own weight and that can be held accountable for their work. 

Me. I work well with me. 

Other Dominants. I love doing double Domination scenes. Twice the creativity.Twice the fun! 

Open minded, honest, fair, and positive thinking 

who work as a team 

All types 

Writers, editors, and lawyers. 

Me, myself and I 

People secure in what they know and what they don't. Analytical and practical. Sense of humor. Humble. Exciting. Sense of space and place. 

Committed professionals who are excellent team players. Diligent people with world class standards 

Goal seekers, team players, positive and outgoing people who are real, inside and out! 

I work well with people who are hard working, dedicated, here for the team {and not out for themself}, ambitious. I do not work with others who don't have those qualities, because in doing so you are losing sight of the idea and making more work for yourself and everyone involved. 

People who are honest, supportive and not easily intimidated. 

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