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How do you respond to the classic quote, "I love the idea, but right now's not the time"?

Then watch the competition doing it. 

"It's always the right time. I'm doing it now." 

"Guess I'll have to add that one to my list of things to do when I work for myself, then. Cool." 

I think it has some truth to it. If your client is in a crisis then humorous ads may not be the best way to start a new campaign. you have to make sure that your level of approval is up to par before you start telling jokes. 

There's always a next time. Let's
make more ideas that can be deemed as the idea at the right place and at the right time.

If the idea will generate ROI, now is always the time. 

been there done that:

she said


A Chinese Emporor once told his chief gardener that he wanted a line of mature plane trees along his driveway. "But that could take 300 years!" said the gardener. "Well then you haven't a moment to lose" was the Emporor's reply. I think if an idea is good, there's nothing to be gained by waiting (with obvious exceptions like Christmas) 

In advertising, there is no right and wrong times, its always the right thing to do... 

Anyone can come up with a good idea but if it's at the wrong time it will be completely ineffective. The insight behind the idea and why you're opting to use a particular campaign at a particular time is far more important. 

An idea is nothing when it does not get executed. If you know how to present and sell that there is never a wrong time. 

How do I respond to the quote? "Gee, I hope my client never says that to me." 


I would ask them to tell me 'When is the right time?' and most likely, the client will have an unfounded reason since his/her reasoning is fear. Sound strategic reasoning will often beat unfounded reasoning. 

If right now is not the time, then there'll never be the right time. If someone recognizes a great idea, but doesn't jump onboard, then it's never going to happen. Period. 

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