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Who have been the most influential people in your career?

Guenter Blum Photographer 1949-1997 

Don Trousdell, Mark Sandlin, Blair Caplinger 

Many friends and family. Alfred Hitchcock. Roman Polanski. Federico Fellini. Walt Disney. 

My parents 

My family, friends, and teachers who have always been supportive which has helped me continue to pursue my dreams. But artists who have inspired to continue working are people like Sergio Arragones, Will Eisner, Walt Disney, Mort Walker, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbara, Filmation, Jim Henson, Mister Rogers, Bill Bixby, and Michael Landon. 

My husband, he is such a sweetheart and always encourages me and helps me with anything I need. He is a graphic and web designer and we have learned allot from each other. He is also the one who created my website. To see his work please go to http://www.robertofolio.com 

I was COMPLETELY and utterly obsessed with Vaughn Oliver of 4AD fame in the 80's (he was the in-house album cover designer).
Neville Brody, The Quay Brothers, Nurse with Wound, Otto Dix, Gerhard Richter, Richard Dadd, Gilbert & George - there are many more, I just can't remember them all off-hand.
MUSIC of all kinds, the more obscure the better.

There is so much out there it gives me anxiety, so mostly I work in a vacuum. Occasionally something will catch my eye.

The best influences have been the best encouragers: my husband Bob, my children Brian and Bethany. 

My wife! Without her, I couldn't do what I do. The life of a freelancer is a rollercoaster ride and it takes two to pay the bills.

Charles Schultz too. Without the inspirations to drawn Snoopy when I was young... I don't know if I would have picked up the pencil so quick.

My wife has THE major influence in my career. 

So many people that is too hard to mention. Right now, the Graffiti & Street Artists are the most influential to my work. 

James Nachtwey, Robert Capa, Sebastiao Salgado, Paolo Pellegrin, Wlliam Klein, Jose Manuel Navia, Nick Morrys, Roberto Schmidt... and my family. 

Francesco Scavullo (whom I met and was photographed by)
My Mom (serious amateur photographer when I was growing up)
My 9th grade science teacher who pushed me. You'd be surprised how few teachers in the world express an interest in their students.

No one person has had any significant influence on my career. 

My mother, mentors and guides. 

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