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What should be done to stop piracy?

I think that the problem has evolved a bit nowadays. I mean, it's much easier to buy music online for few cents. The real problem is the habit of downloading everything for free when behind a lot of work was done.
The labels also need to lower some of their prices.

It's a battle that will only be solved if we all get together. We must care about finding an appropriate solution, that will respect both of the parts, and avoid extremes choices (Some networks propose free downloading if you accept to watch advertising). It's like in the real life, if you want something to last, you need to make it sustainable by finding the right equilibrium.

there is no way? 

just stop uploading the music at the internet 

You can't stop piracy, it's older than Jesus. Instead, the music industry should find and develop a new physical support for music, that is: we had vynils, cassettes, cds and the new one is coming someday soon folks! 

Everything that can be done should be done. 

I don't think anything can really be done about it. As long as people can get something for free, they will do whatever they can to get it. We can continue to try to bring out the honesty in people, and let them know how they are stealing, but until people become honest, piracy will exist. 

i dunno let it be free people are gonna do it anyway im not sure there is a way to stop it 

This is really good question. We will see piracy all the time but usually it's about technology and if there is a lot of poor people then how they will buy a lot of music. Some reason we can try to stop it. But it needs a lot of process. This is not only about law.. It's about practice. Do you have poweful team for it? :)) I don't think so.. 


You know, I think this whole 'piracy' thing has gotten waaaay out of hand. Do the dumb asses in the record companies not realize we were doing the same shit in the 80's with blank cassettes? Seriously... However I won't deny that with the advent of the internet it got exponentially worse. I think things are going in the right direction though, with torrent sites being shut down. I just think there's been way too much whining and hype about it. 

.....i have no idea. people find crafty ways to get things that arent readily available to them. 

Any little can help 

That's a very tricky question. It's fashionable to point the finger at a paranoid music industry, and granted, they have certainly not really handled the changing face of musical consumption very well, but anytime you make the consumer feel like the enemy, you're never going to come out with anything approaching victory.

The problem is that young people know that they can get a lot of what they want without paying, and I think parents probably don't think it's all that crucial to sit down with their kids and say "you know, just because you CAN get something for free doesn't mean it's always what you should do." I think people see downloading music as this grey area because it's easy to blame someone else either for doing it first or making the music available.

Personally, if there is an album I think I might like, I try to listen to it first to make sure. Then if I do like it, I'll buy it, typically used unless it's brand new and I'm crazy about it. Remixes in particular are very hard to come by today in the marketplace, but incredibly easy to get online. Part of that is because so many are made by non-professionals or semi-professionals who are doing it for fun or to get noticed and not under contract. And they're often as good or better than the ones that actually get released commercially.

Even when remixes are commissioned by an artist, they don't automatically get released on a CD. A larger and larger percentage of music is sold digitally, obviously, and for some people that's fantastic. Others who are more old school like me still value holding a tangible product in our hands. It will be a sad day when the music industry decides that CDs are dead and everything goes digital.

Bottom line, a solution is going to involve a lot of critical, intelligent thinking. What is best in the short term for the industry may not be what is best long term. If you give people a reason to do something legitimately, a lot of them will if you make it as simple as possible for them. But if you make the consumer jump through hoops, or disrespect them or rip them off, they know they will always get the last laugh.

make it harder for music to be stolen it's so techinical now-a-days it's hard to stop piracy but you can sorta stay ahead of the game by releaseing music almost as soon as it's recorded 

Nothing can be done it is our American Freedom To Do So I Love My Art But Never Enough To Give Up My GOD Givin FREEDOMS!!! RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, & DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE & ARREST THE CRIMINALS IN OFFICE. 

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