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How did you discover your creative territory? How would you describe it?

I'm still discovering that. The art describes it. 

I dont if I've ever found it, its just been a part of me since a can remember. If i had to describe it, it would have to be out of the box 

It possibly my internal mood at present. Probably after perusal of the book, viewing of video or listening something shocking me. 

Well, I am not a giant force in the creative song writing department, but my drumming creativity came from just watching others drum. There are the greats like John Bonham, Neil Pert, Carter Beauford, Danny Carey,and Dave Grohl; but there are others in my personal life I had always admired, like Nate Bishop, Craig Vanderwier, Alvin king, Eric Vroom, Adam Thompson, Andy Bergman. I learned to play bass guitar about 5 years ago and played in three bands on bass, i learned a lot about rhythm and the rhythm section during my years on the instrument. A lot of what I do on drums intertwines and goes along with the bass parts. I love being aware of other instruments and not playing like I am in my own world, although that tends to happen sometimes too! 

Concentration over long periods of time. playing around with sounds until I feel that all the things that i'm influenced and inspired by have created a sound that represents me and not rehashing or stealing other peoples methods or ideas. 

My creativity was brought out on a very bad winter when I was told to make some mixes for my school show, that's where I got my first response and comments on my skills! I would describe my style and creativity quite different from others; atleast that's what I've been told from people around here and my audience. 

I relate to everyone. From the boiz in the traps to the men working everyday. I have lived it all. 

Probably in school. In class 11 if i rememeber correct where i was listening to loads of rap music and then started doing it myself 

I don't have a creative territory.I compose in my home , in my room. Nothing special. 

It is a natural ability I have to create an interesting play list. 

i dont know 

How did you discover you knew how to ride a bike? I happens when it happens and once you have learned how to tap into your creative territory you never forget. Weird, but I would describe it as a place in your head where you are able to tune out the outside world and be focused on your project. 

Picked up a guitar and started wailing on it, than sang over the top of that and it was love at first note. 

As a little boy I listened a lot to Andres Segovia's recordings, and Los Paraguayos, Los Panchos, and similar musicians. That's how I grew to like and appreciate the guitar music 

I just knew, I've been very blessed to write all the songs I have,and I love it the same today as I did when I started 21yrs ago.. 

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