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How did you discover your creative territory? How would you describe it?

Natural, baseado em escutar muita música de diversos ritmos e diversos países 

We found our creative territory by "falling down the stairs and hoping you land on your feet". There was no predetermined path we followed when putting this project together. The best way to describe what we look for is, no boundries. We take each song and give it it's own life. 

It just happened. 

I was writing as a child often to the instrumentals on B side singles, cant really remember when but i was very young 

It's undescribe, it's a gift from God. 

I hear every day different styles of music, not only EDM. It gives me a lot of inspiration and creative ideas for making my own music and style. 

I still havent really discovered it yet.. Its just every time i have an idea i'll record it just so i can remember it for when i need it. 

Silence until I press play.lol.Nah well I like to have a great energy in the studio so usually there's push-ups being done..T.V. with E.S.P.N. I'm usually in the lab by myself zoned out so as long as nobody stops my flow I'm straight. 

I was about 6 years old when I discovered I had a creative side. I began writing short stories for a program called Young Authors for my school. I had won 1st place from the first time I wrote a short story up until I stopped participating in it. From that, I was labeled a "gifted child". 

I've just always pursued what I wanted to pursue. I tend to write the kind of music that I like to listen to, but I suppose there's nothing original about that. As my tastes change, the basis still stays the same, so I assume I'll be writing in my current singer-songwriter genre for a long time to come. 

By writing in different places and feeling different vibes from different area.And i would describe it as atmospheric...It makes you feel as if you on another plane.. 

It's endless... as long as there are notes and combinations you can make new tracks...a pretty much amaze myself everytime. 

I am assuming you mean what I write about if so thank my Grand dad....Taught me all one needs to know how to survive and love life and recognize the smallest of thing and appreciate its uniqueness. 

Territory. Somebody said you don't chose creativity. Actually, they said something different. Like you don't choose acting. Or writing. Whatever, that it chooses you. That's how it went. 

I knew very clearly at the age of 15 that I wanted to use my voice to support my own and others healing process. This is my vocation and it has taken me on a journey across many lands both externally and internally. It is a wonderful technicolour glorious ride and I am constantly being surprised by whatever comes next! 

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