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What is your creative process?

headphones in, listen, become inspired,
pencil, paper,
caffeine sometimes,
but I always wind up sitting on my floor in my room with my acoustic, jotting down bits and pieces of the framework of a song.
I usually start with a guitar piece, then add vocals on top, and after touch up on the lyrical content.

Most importantly, however, is the creative process in our band room. We call it the "Bat Cave" because we go in there, live in there, until we come out feeling like we've got something. The process almost always starts with a improvised drum beat, guitar riff, or bass melody. We add and play off of each other's sound until a song has a distinct enough quality to it where we can play it again and rehearse.

music., n. health kind 

WELL!!! LOL... It can start from complete silence or it can hit in the midst of conversations with others or all kinds of ways but once the feeling or sounds hit, I try to focus on them and make them top priority because it feels like a blessing when they occur. And I know that my gratitude is key in this feeling re-ocurring in me. This sometimes can come off rude to others when it happens and they are around (sorry,honestly). Then I record or remember the idea or music and constantly bring it back up in my mind later while doing other things over a period of time(days,weeks months, even years). Sometimes I don't have to bring it back up, other times I do. Usually if I don't have to, that means the idea or music is very good and needs to be documented. Other times if it's conciously brought back up and feels pure and right, then I will take that idea or music very seriously as well (as maybe I have personally been off the mark during that time).

Once documented on paper or on the phone, I look for opportunities to share it with band members or another musician to record or perform it. This is when the idea or music is nolonger just mines and that's when you see creativity start to work beautifully and in perfect harmony.

However lately I've been learning to share the process with others on the spot (if I trust them) and that process starts by me being inspired by an idea or music of theirs' and expounding off of it. I already do this a lot as a sideman, but I am just starting to learn how to do this as a band leader.

Process? Sit down behind my kit, light candles, eat some jiffy pop, pray to the god of metal, and as soon as my sticks catch fire from the friction of me rubbing them against my stubble, I rock, then I roll! 

it just comes to me from god 

almost everything and anything. I mean i got songs about relationships, political problems, love, and motivation so anything thats on my mind i want to express can be a part of this process 

It happens very different. Sometimes painfully heavy, sometimes easy as a fuzz. 

I love experimenting with different music, so my creativity extends on a wide scale although it's not perfected. All is just trial and error! Nonetheless, Trance is where my true art stands out. 

Act on your thoughts! 

I really don't have a process .. Basically with what i deal with , you will have to first make a proper baseline and then the arrangement of the tunes and blah blah .. 

Depends in what. 

What ever sound good to me is what I play. Of course, production and creativity is important to any musical sound. 


Listen to Intuition. Respond. Listen to Results. Modify results and keep tweaking the tune until i decide its complete. My Intuition is a big part of my creative process. 

Depression, Alcohol, Heroin, Pot & Love 

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