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What is your creative process?

Harmonic progression usually comes first, before adding melodies and decoration. 

I constantly get ideas wherever I am, they just appear in my head, often fully formed and all I have to do is get them on paper! Sometimes ideas will just flow as I'm playing into my sequencer or using Sibelius. With film music I watch a blank, dialogue only version of the film which I then score instinctively in sections, throwing ideas down into the sequencer and seeing if they work or not, its a very natural process and the music tends to evolve as I go along. 

Life inspires..
I see something or feel something.. I write.. Or, a melody / rhythm comes into my head.. I develop it.. play around until I get something I like..

I sit in front of the piano, and I use Logic Pro on my MacBook Pro. 

As an accompanist of sorts i try to get into the piece of music that i might playing and understand it as a whole before i disect it to find where my part is within the arrangement. I find this leads to a better performance of the piece. I always try to play the song not the notes. 

Don't have one, never been a song writer, just a player. 

here a tune in my head, play it, write it down! 

Just to pick up my guitar and play, most of the time i write a new song... 

It depends what I`m inspired by first, I will never enter the studio to record anything if i dont think the song stands up on its own first, so i always consider songwriting the most important part of my life.
I can work from a title, but its usually a top line i`ve thought of that inspires a title, and that usually comes from how i`m feeling at that time.
Once i have the song I take it to Gav, Brad and Al, we rarley demo anything anymore, after years of knwoing what my formula is, I always go for a true production.
For the sake of recording as i am producing as well as playing i fond life easier to stick down an acoistic guitar and guide vocal to a click and that gives Gavin the guide he needs to get his drum tracks down,once we have a solid backbone I build the track up from there.

A very hard question...It can be anything from listening to other bands or jamming in the studio to...hmm..the washing machine. 

Varies greatly depending on the end listener. If it's for a commercial enterprise - say and advert, or theme, then I dream about the project till something holds me. If it's for friends/family or of that ilk then I think about them and add that to the way I play/record the music.

There are probably many more processes that I use but don't think of them as processes.

creating music for the Masses 

hook line, music, rest of the lyrics 

I get ideas for songs both musically and lyrically upon falling asleep and awakening (the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states) when the subconsious is at work! It is not conducive to getting out of bed and writing at these times though so I keep a dictaphone and notebook close on the bedside table!

I don't specifically sit down to write a song, ideas come to me when I doing mundane tasks such as washing up or vacuuming and I suddenly realise I am humming a riff!

I derive inspiration from extremes of emotion (especially emotional pain), art, architecture, scenery and cinema also.

Coffee, find drum sticks, more coffee, plenty of focus, hard work and sheer bloody mindedness. Other than that I don't have one really as every job seems so different these days whether it be teaching a new student or writing new material I just use what I have to give the best I can. 

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