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What is your creative process?

I can't play with sounds that are not my own. Creating my own sounds is what this is all about! If one person can play everything, perhaps you have a more unique and more organic way of making music. Its my favourite way to play. I don't do much thinking at all. Its just what comes out. When I improvise theres no mind. I'm just there. Its like my abstract painting. It's about fantasy. I'm not thinking - who is this for? Its just something I do. Mind messes everything up. When inspirational composition starts, rational thinking stops. My sounds and compositions are based on pure instinct. The sounds and textures I create are based on the way the key feels, the way the sound feels. My compositions are improvisations where the sound rings as if it's my voice, my language. 

I am most creative in the morning with a slight hangover. I listen to the tune and just let my fingers do the talking 

I don't have a set way of writing. Things come as they come. Sometimes I just sit with a guitar or a keyboard and if I'm relaxed enough nice things start coming out. I then hear melodies and arrangements in my head mixing in with what I'm playing. If I'm lucky the words will then fall out of my brain. I don't like to force it. Some songs have stayed half finished for ages until they fall into place. Often songs will appear in my head while I'm walking. I ty and carry a notebook for such occasions. My phone has a few recordings of ideas - if someone stole it they'd have a great laugh. 


the truth 

Theres no one way to produce a song but I usualy follow this pattern.
1 a mood is created, or a thought, often when you least expect it!
2 i create a music phrase or melody
3 arrange a structure, with a title in mind
4 play the song and sing words, mostly random. I really think the mood is important and the inspiration for the song as the words will just come naturally.
5 record a demo i.e a dictaphone or mobile phone recording.
6 live with it
7 refine it
8 dont touch it!
9 record it

As for production it a similar process, you have to establish the mood of a piece and figure out the artist or singer, then try to capture the essence of the artist/song. Distancing yourself from the work in progress is also important after the initial stage.

it varies alot,
i'm pragmatic about it,
so its kind of 'as and when and how'..

There is not a particular process. I just sit down with my guitar and play it. Then if something nice comes out I start to work on it. 

Every moment of my life is material for writing.
Dreams, daydreams, thoughts, things I've seen/read/heard.
Places I've been, things I've done.
It's all in there.

It just comes.
There are moments when you are very creative and I usually write down the notes and words and later develop it, or I record it if I'm at home and have a recorder at hand.

Basically, I sit and strum the guitar while watching tv. WShen I get a nice sequence of chords and find myself 'lala'ing' a melody, I either record it on to a dictaphone to write later or I grab a pen and get stuck in right away. Once that's done I type the lyrics on the pc and hone and improve them until I'm happy. Then I record the song after playing around with arrangements.

Sometimes I'm moved or inspired to write about something specific and I'm quite lucky, I can basically write at will and (fingers crossed) I've never had writers block

Getting in a mood to write, then playing how I feel. Getting ready for gigs by taking myself back to where I was when I wrote it and pretending to be someone else on stage. 

sofa + guitars + lean = music 

sincerely is automatic in the beginning ... lyrics and music often go together, but is then added to the technical arrangement and composition, that to respect the style and I do not commit vices... 

It varies. Sometimes, I get an idea for a line. Other times it would be for a melody or chord structure or feel. Other times I would just be doodling on piano and accidentally hit two chords in a row that I liked. Then I would build more chords around it, then a melody and then words. 

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