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What is your creative process?

I just sit down and let myself go, play my keyboard, try different ideas I have in mind until something stands out. :) 

Staying consistent 

Err if I got the question right I'll say staying abreast and updated, synchronizing with present past and future and making the best of all I can 


I just sit down and let myself go 

I have music running throughout my head all day. Sometimes melodys just pop into my head even when i'm not by the computer. 

In order for me to come up with a hook i start walking around singing diffrent tunes and coming up with diffrent topics to rap about. As far as verses i write 1 in then replace words for clever meanings. 

All of my music is a response to my environment. I like to reflect on things and bring out that reflection musically. So whether I am being inspired by my present or past circumstances, or what I am seeing for the future, I am responding to something. It could be a place. It could be a person. It could be a situation. I usually hear a melody line or motif I can latch on to and build around it. Sometimes, I just hear phrases or words. Sometimes just a rhythm. Whatever my foundation is, I just build on the main theme until I can really feel the music. When the message is being released, I listen and see if there's too much or too little. All the tweaks happen over time. I like to make sure I'm not over analyzing, or not giving enough attention to the music. If something's wrong, I wait until I can pinpoint it. If it seems really good, I try not to touch it. 


Don't have one it comes naturally every time I'm in the studio 

most inspiration for dirty k is from listening to metal and channelling our day to day feelings about life. 

I'm not really sure. I try to create an image in my head of what the music is telling me and I try to portray that to my audience. 

My creative process happens mostly in the now, it feels more like a channeling of some kind than just a writing session. I just lose myself in the music and the ideas or the words begin to flow. 

It just strikes at random...anytime, anywhere!! 

It starts with a line or a phrase, just words. Then, I grab me guitar and write with that. I write the tune and the words all together, setting the song up from start to finish. I'll rarely come up with the hook before the opening line. That's just how I work. 

It varies. It can be beautiful scenic pictures in magazines or on television, or music I hear, or from my travels, or life's special moments. Sometimes it just comes without warning. 

Oh, it works in so many ways. I get inspiration from films, books, sounds, words, situations and listening to other artists. Usually I feel something build up inside of me and I just have to get it out in some form and it usually ends up in a song. 

My creative process is when I realized that I needed to give back to the society especially the children who were not privileged enough to learn music. I started this by visiting kids around the slums I lived nearby.They were hopeless,with nothing to hope for in their future! I started off with a school to feed the kids through the help of my friends,I started a small school for them where they could learn how to read and write. Once I had achieved this, I turned to teach them Music for their future Lives. Please read below:

I tend to shut myself off from everyone else, get to a quiet room and take the guitar and some paper and pens with me. I'll make a pot of tea and just sit down to write. I never write just one or two songs in a sitting. I'll start on at least five, and just take advantage of that motivation to write at the time. 

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