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Press reviews of Naxos CD "Jack Gallagher: Orchestral Music," recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by JoAnn Falletta:

“Fresh and exuberant. The LSO couldn’t sound finer; it’s as if the music had been specifically written to showcase their approach to making sound.”
— Lawrence Vittes, Gramophone

“JACK GALLAGHER composes with assurance for orchestra. Strongly conceived.” (Five stars)
— Anthony Burton, BBC Music Magazine

“Jack Gallagher is a name to remember, and this disc is definitely one to own. (The Symphony) is truly a work of genius. If you buy only one disc of new music this year, I would certainly suggest this as the place to begin.” (Five stars)
– Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

“Challenging stuff, and very impressive indeed. The ending is a riot of colour and energy. Powerful, well written music. A real find!”
—Bob Briggs, Music Web International, U.K.

“A composer of diverse coloristic gifts. Inhabits sound world(s) of . . . vivacity and lyricism . . . poignancy . . . and dark, swirling drama. The London Symphony Orchestra and conductor JoAnn Falletta are first-rate champions of Gallagher's creations. Grade: A."
— Donald Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“The sheer variety of orchestral textures . . . is nothing short of amazing. Gallagher's Sinfonietta for strings is a marvel of a work. It is hoped that we can hear more from this composer.”
— Chris Hathaway, KUHF, Houston Public Radio

“Fresh, imaginative, colorful and deftly orchestrated. Exudes engaging lyricism and exciting rhythmic patterns. Unreservedly recommended.”
— Herman Trotter, Buffalo News

“Poignancy, explosive energy, good-natured humor . . . and a warm-hearted directness that is tremendously engaging. Urgently recommended.”
— Ronald E. Grames, Fanfare

“One is entranced by the atmospheric ambiance. Gallagher writes beautiful music and he is very, very good at it. I was thoroughly captivated. My very strongest recommendation.”
— Jerry Dubins, Fanfare

“Exciting orchestral music. You'll be grateful for the on-going mission of conductor JoAnn Falletta. . . to spotlight well-deserving composers and their music.”
— Julie Amacher, Minnesota Public Radio, "New Classical Tracks"

“Very cogently structured in one movement, part of a long and distinguished lineage stretching back through Samuel Barber and Roy Harris to the Seventh Symphony of Sibelius. Gallagher is definitely worth getting to know.”
— David Hurwitz, ClassicsToday.com

"Do you want optimistic exuberance? Go to the Diversions Overture. Poignancy? The liltingly lovely Berceuse. Music does not get much lovelier than this. Vivacity? The Sinfonietta for strings. The Symphony in One Movement: Threnody pretty much has it all. I highly recommend this CD. You will think you have been cheated that you have not heard it before."
— Robert R. Reilly, Crisis Magazine

“Brilliantly orchestrated and impeccably constructed. Not only intellectually stimulating but immediately appealing.”
— Bob McQuiston, National Public Radio, "Deceptive Cadence."

“Music that is warm, inventive, melodic and carefully structured. (Exhibits) multi-instrumental virtuosity, featuring a number of very well-conceived scoring touches.” (Four plusses)
— Mark J. Estren, Infodad.com

"All is brilliantly orchestrated and performed here. Exciting work deserving a place on concert programs." (Recording: ****/****; Performance: ****/****)
— Steven A. Kennedy, Cinemusical

"Jack Gallagher's classical piece "Berceuse" is a work of such staggering beauty that it makes me want to be a better person. I cannot believe I had never heard of this music or this man until last week."
— Philip Plait, "The Bad Astronomer"

"Irresistible rhythmic élan and not a little wit, exhilarating in its effect. Powerful and deeply felt."
– Colin Anderson, The Classical Review

Representative acknowledgments and awards are listed below:

•CD "Orchestral Music," Naxos 8.559652, awarded Five Stars by Audiophile Audition

•CD "Orchestral Music" named to 2011 “Want List” by Fanfare Magazine

•CD "Orchestral Music" awarded Five Stars by BBC Music Magazine

•CD "Orchestral Music" named "Choice CD of the Month" by WCLV, 104.9 FM, Cleveland, OH

•CD "Orchestral Music" named "CD of the Week" by KBAQ, 89.5 FM, Phoenix/Tempe, AZ Public Radio

•CD "Orchestral Music" named "New Classical Tracks: Best of 2010" by Minnesota Public Radio

•Producer of 2007 GRAMMY®-Award winning recording, Messiaen: Oiseaux Exotiques, Troppe Notte Cambria TNC-1515

•Composition Fellow, Charles Ives Center for American Music, Piccolo Spoleto, Charleston, SC

•"Exotic Dances" nominated by editor of "American Music" magazine for 1997 Pulitzer Prize in Music

•Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship for Composition, 1996 and 1992-93

•Ohio Music Teachers Association Composer of the Year, 1996

•The College of Wooster Henry Luce III Award for Distinguished Scholarship, 2005, l996, 1994, and 1990

•Resdency, Atlantic Center for the Arts (FL), 1994 and 1983

•Eastman Wind Ensemble 40th Anniversary Celebration Selection, 1992

•Honorable Mention, l990 Barlow International Composition Contest, Brigham Young University

•National Arts Associate, Sigma Alpha Iota, l990

•Southern Arts Federation Meet the Composer Grant, l989

•South Carolina Arts Commission grant (for commission for Heritage Chamber Players), l988

•Meet the Composer grant, New York, NY, l988, (for Merrick Symphony Orchestra)

•First Prize, Symposium XII for New Band Music, Old Dominion University, l987

•Composition Fellow, Charles Ives Center for American Music, New Milford, CT, l987

•Composition Fellow, Petit Jean International Art Song Festival (AR), l984

•Residency, the Corporation of Yaddo, l984

•Residency, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, l983

•Meet the Composer grant, New York, NY, 1983 (for Albany Pro Musica Chorus)


We one a battle of the bands and got the opportunity to open for OAR...that was the start! 

I have won countless Beat Battles all over the East coast- The Grammy award winning producers J.U.S.T.I.C.E league gave me huge support at a Battle I won in Washington DC- They were there as the judges. 


We have done dates on the Vans Warped Tour. We won the 2011 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands for San Antonio,TX. 

over 100,000 downloads sold independently 

Awards To Me Would Be First and For most The Gifts GOD Has Givin Us Eternal Life Threw Our Savior Jesus Christ. All God's Creations Are The Biggest Reward. Also Signing With JMD Distribution/Ingrooves/Universal Music Group and Establishing My Record Label "Regulator Recordings Inc... I Will Also Have My Second Album Promoted In The August 2012 issue of High Time's Magazine. Every Day Is A New Reward. 

I haven't received my Grammy yet but I know it's coming. I played at the Superbowl with The Who - I deserve a medal for that. 

During these three years, the artist has collaborated with various artists such as Klass, the body, Petrow, Shibby, Sabin, Crisscen.
He also participated in various competitions organized by other artists. In 2011, climbing for the first time on stage, being invited to the concert "Hip Hop Convention" held in Resita.

JustMarshal and has appeared on these compilations: "UNDERGROUND HH 2012 "," HipHopDeCalitate "," The Underground 2012 "and" Cardinal Points ".

None at this time 

Im just happy to have been playing at parties and having fun.. And the rest is only bonus! 

We have accomplished being good at being different. 

Two-time Midwest Fleadh Cheoil champion 

- 3 Mentions in the Hardstyle Top 40 October 2011: Mindgame #2, Midnight Skies #9 and Shadow Valley #16
- Midnight Skies and Mindgame have been supported by respected artists such as: Headhunterz, Deepack, Josh & Wesz, Adaro, Pavo.

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