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What do you do? What is your musical specialty?

I'm a singer/songwriter... i would say. :) so i think my own music would be my specialty. 

I am a flutist who specializes in original concert chamber music for flute and guitar. My husband guitarist Andrew Bergeron and I have a duo called Folias that tours nationally bringing this music to unexpected places. 

My music have: Samba, Soul, Chorinho, Jazz, Reggae, Partido Alto, Repente, Arab & Afro Music, Literatura de Cordel, Hip-Hop, Slam Poetry and Classic Music !
I passed my ancy in the way of a very musical environment, in the City of God - CDD, having as uncle the deceased composer of great successes and founder of Estácio de Sá (They São Carlos) in 1995, ' Sidney da Conceição' , partner of Ayrão Luiz until the decade of 80 ', and composer of ' Os Amantes', recorded music for the singer Daniel. With 5 of age I was initiated in music touching bongô, while it participated of the wheels of Samba and Serestas carried through by my parents Pablo and Dona Guiomar, in the CDD. I am a terprising artist responsible for the current success of the Lapa, from the decade of 90' it started many projects 'Cool Jam' before 'Slow Jam', (97-2002); 'Hip-Hop Chapa Quente' (2003-4); It created the concept and featuring 'Black Bossado' in 2002. TDG - 'TeorDoGroove' in 2003, now is its my conception in the black music of the album that leaves soon, in 2009!

I'm a musician.

Anything goes,but my influences are Blur,Radiohead and the Beatles.

Improvisation over neo-classical inspired progressions, along with counterpointed multi-layerd melodies based on classical music. The rythms used in my music are simple on execution, but follow a complex structure; structured music (like in early romanticism, refering to a "narrative structure") is what I really enjoy composing. 

for me, music is my life, write a song, improvisation, and play the band ... 

I do songwriting, composition, production, engineering, and vocal performance. I specialize in Hip Hop and R&B, but I also venture into other genres such as Jazz and Electronica. 

I am into fusion music mostly mixing of Indian music with western improvising music in many of it's forms.I arrange music on Computer and quite good with audio production, as well as audio engineering. I do play guitars both rythm and lead.But I love to design sounds and create new patterns. 

I am Indian classical vocalist.Performer,composer,teacher of classical vocals. More about the music-
It is fortunate for the world that the Indian classical music has been preserved by the musicians of the generation, the beautiful science and art of creating balance in nature through music. Such a precious discipline of Vedic science, the complete science of life. The powerful melodies and rhythms of nature to purify the atmosphere, there by neutralizing negative trends and tendencies in the environment and promoting the orderly evolution of life.
. It is an eternal music of nature. Music is coherent frequency or sound-and coherence in sound makes a melody. The whole universe all the infinite number of items in the universe, are all different frequencies or sounds, and there is a swing of bliss everywhere in nature. Think of the earth moving around the sun or the many galaxies and starts all moving, but always with the same motion. It must be a very great satisfaction for the nature of the earth and of the entire starry world just to follow a particular path and never deviate. One would follow that pattern only if it is blissful. The element of bliss, of more and more, must be nature’s activity. It must belong to nature’s habit to move in waves of bliss. The eternal harmony of nature must be a pattern of bliss-the whole of nature always swinging in the waves of bliss. This comes as the passage of evolution, which means, more and more knowledge, more happiness more progress.
Indian classical music is the music of ancient civilization, which enjoyed heaven on earth. Music is in alliance with natural law. It up holds the natural rhythms that prevail at different times throughout the day and night. The use of sound, melody and rhythm to restore balance and harmony in the mind, body, behaviour and environment.When the people of the world violate the laws of nature. Population of the world has not been educated to think and act spontaneously, according to natural law. Cries and failures and problems, terrorism and war-all these negative values spring from the violation of natural law by the whole population of the world.
To neutralize this stress there has been knowledge in India Vedic knowledge from Vedic times. The Vedic civilization was that civilization which enjoyed Heaven on Earth. Which means that life was lived according to natural law supported by nature. Every one enjoyed increasing waves of happiness all the time.
Every level of creation is a frequency. One frequency melts in to the other and this is how the process of evolution takes place. the night comes to an end the dawn, when the darkness and dullness of the night is over, some inspiring freshness comes and there is a different frequency in the whole atomsosphere.At the mid day there is another big change in –frequency at evening a different frequency at mid night, a different frequency this cycle of change is perpetual, and because everything is a frequency there is sound at every stage.
Gandharva music is a most refined evaluation of the sound value. The frequency ultimately, it`s the self referral dynamics of consciousness, which is infinite frequency. Infinite frequency is on the level of the unified field of natural law, which Vedic science calls the Samhita of Rushi Devata and chhandas. This is Vedic science the science of knower, knowing and known. It is the science of subjectivity, objectivity and the relationship between subject and object. It is a tremendously complete science of life. From it, we know the different valves of frequencies of unbounded awareness of transcendental consciousness. All possible sounds are lively there in that infinite unbounded silence, which is fully awake within it self. That is the field of all possibilities, the field of all frequencies.It`s like the silent surface of the ocean, all kinds of waves are there, but they are in their ground state. All the activity of all the different waves has settled down in that state. In it is the lively presence of all frequencies. We cannot sing the glory of transcendental consciousness enough. It is the basis for perfection in life. There fore it has that that most harmonizing most integrating in fluence.It is a very precious science and art of creating harmony within oneself,one`s family,one`s city country and the whole world.

I'm a singer of 'Braun Sugar' band (previously known as 'Brown Sugar') in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - East Malaysia. 

My name is Beloved i Jedidiah aka Zion Antoni..i am an Artist/Writer and Senior A&R for Barrio Nuevo Ent. and independent record label/Production company founded in 2008. Also the Chairman of a non-profit group called the Urbanpriesthood. That functions in journalism and films. I founded Manna/Gracemusik, a Production label in 2003 that functions in outreach, music, and journalism. I play 5 instrumental by ear, the congas, drums, piano and acoustic Guitar and bass. I am a Lyricist, Poet, arranger, songwriter and producer as well. 

Compose, record and perform contemporary piano music. 

I'm a Harmonica player ( mostly Blues but not limited to the Blues) and vocalist.
I also teach Harmonica.

I'm a singer/songwriter. My specialty would be my voice. 

I am a rapper as well as a producer, hip hop being my specialty. 

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