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The consumer is king: have advertisers realised this yet?

This depends on who is defined as the advertiser. If it is the brand owner - they have realised this. If it is the creative agency - to a large extent they have not. If it is the media channel - by definition they need to recognise this , else they will get no revenue. 

I believe now that ads have become so micro, as in every single person can control their own ad networks by proxy, the answer is mostly yes. Some of the big guys haven't quite figured it out yet though. 


no, not many because they forget easily 

Some have...some haven't. They should since this is where their profits lie. 

All I can say is those who haven't realized it don't make it in the long run. 

Some have most have not. In my business our entire staff is geared towards one cataclysmic occurrence, when the potential member walks through the front door. We exist for one reason and one reason only, to enroll new members. 

No, because they are too busy talking and not listening. 

Not certainly 

I realized this 

yes, we must give serve good 

Some have, some haven't.
The real problem is in recognizing "which" consumer is King...today, and will be...tomorrow.

Some have but there will always be a bell curve of intelligence 

To some degree they have. I think the cliche has some merit but most marketers need to delve deeper. It starts with behavioral marketing and understanding the true drivers of that behavior. 

I hope so! 

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