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How do you value the results obtained up to now?


Outstanding. Differentiation is essential to compete and sometimes companies are obsessed with market shares and volumes. Profitability is the key. 

This question doesn't make much sense, as it depends on what the goals were and how you measure. 

My site for authors ‘Books In Sync’ is growing at a slow steady pace. I believe that this is a good way to grow a business, because it means authors are coming to my site by word of mouth. My site “Non-Profit Grant Resources’ is so new that I have no results to report for 2008. 

I have done very well, both in marketing for my clients and for myself. I never rely on the past however, and no matter how well I do, I always push harder. After all, how can you be the best unless you keep pushing for more? 

Just completed a survey for a manufacturer and generated a 47% response rate! More importantly we’ve identified new product opportunities and areas that need attention. 

I've invested conservatively in marketing so far, and so far it's paid off well. Each marketing project I've done to date has expanded my client base, and paid back dividends much more significant than what I put into it, financially. 

Like I mentioned above, those post-tour questionnaires tell us everything we need to know. If the author is happy, we're happy. Other than that, I keep a vigil over the search engines, observing what worked and didn't work. 

Results obtained are higher visibility, returns and ROI for our clients. 

Very much. My results are part of my foundation. Without them, all I am is a name on a website full of words and claims. 

If my clients get a mesureable ROI then we are all good.. 

Everyday is a process. You have to place value in every result, even a failure as long as you fail forward. We learn valuable lessons in finding out what doesn't work as well as those that do. 

My site's Customers/Partners page features an amazing lineup of companies I have been fortunate enough to serve and work with over the years, including:
• HCL Technologies, a leading global IT services company that is also the largest computer manufacturer in India.
• Platformic, which empowers broadcast media companies with a powerful, intuitive web application suite plus hosting, development and managed services.
• TechTarget/SearchTelecom, one of the largest, most active online communities in the telecommunications industry.
• The TM Forum, the de facto industry association for the global communications software industry.

Along the way I've achieved great results and had a lot of fun doing it:
• Launched the world's first ASP-hosted software solution in the communications market
• Helped the #4 communications service provider leapfrog AT&T with three innovative communications services
• Put a 10-year old "stealth company" on the map in its markets, raise its annual revenues from $10M to $25M, then be acquired for $185.5M
• Helped launch a vertical markets approach that helped a company win contracts with Comcast and the DoD
• Helped a Silicon Valley firm win $20M in investment funding
• Helped one of the world's largest IT outsourcers position itself as the premier provider of "green" IT and data center migration solutions

Organic search engine optimization lasts over time. You may pay a price up front for initial services and ongoing services for the first three to six months or more if possible. Websites that we optimized years ago are maintaining and increasing their visitors and sales over time. Organic search engine optimization keeps working year after year, long after the initial work was completed. 

Keeping up good comunication . 

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