101691 interviews created 

How do you value the results obtained up to now?

The results for clients are very good. 

Leaflet pick-up rate and visitor numbers - vouchers are an excellent indication. 

Collaborate Marketing has established itself in a growing niche and as a resource for marketeers looking to understand how to operate effectively in networked media environments. 

We launched our product 6 months ago and so far we have some 1000 registered users. It is a good number, but we can do better! The most important measurer is the number of active users for now. 

very good 

I am pretty optimistic in the long-term 

Every thing is coming along nicely 

Simple - is the company I work for growing its revenue ahead of the market growth? 

You listen to WHAT the market's quants and quals are saying. and too you map these cognitive topology(s) until you've a dense matris of elements that confirm diirectional SIGNALS, and from this your triage strategy emerges... NOW value these outputs, iteratively. 

The results are phenominal, getting sites indexed and ranking for relevant keywords within 24hrs... Only video marketing and social media marketing achieves that kind of result 

First, I try and determine an ROI for my clients. However, some initiatives are not quantifiable by the mighty dollar in the short term so I look at results more like trends. The objective, to gain as much control over the individual variables so that decisions are born of data, not a whim. 

regarding social media and apps - we as an industry still have to hone in on how to execute and what will be successful. when the web was fist introduced people had the same attitude towards it as they do social media and apps - no one was quite sure - and in the end today, we have learned what works and what does not work - so i think the results we have gained so far are positive and we are still learning. 

I still have to work hard together with my team where this is necessary. 

We've had 5 of our wheeled backpacks returned because, after more than 2 years, one of the wheels cracked. We changed the wheel-base because of this. This is the only design we have had to improve on based on consumer feedback. 

We cherish the oportunity to deliver tailored solutions to our clients. Our most recent client feedback, was simply "Thanks Ben you made it really easy." Thats wonderful. 

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