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In which market, products or services, are you currently working?

I work mostly with people who are professionals within the Infertility Industry although I have helped others set up blogs and websites along with office management and organization.

My areas of expertize are as follows:

Owned & operated a successful Surrogacy agency ~ Recruiting ~ Liaison between clinic, psychologist, attorneys & clients ~ Mentoring & team building ~ Assisting w/ contract content & agreement negotiation ~ Conflict resolution ~ Staff development for ART Professionals & risk management teams ~ Online family formation & third-party reproduction education ~ Website content development & design ~ Strategic planning & niche development ~ Sales & marketing strategy ~ Customer satisfaction & loyalty ~ Ghost blogger, Blog content & design consulting using Typepad and other blogging formats~ Customer service training ~ Home office organization ~ New business plan coaching ~ Consulting with Intended Parents and Surrogates

Higher education 

Jewelry, gem specimens, fossils, healing stones, jewelry creations and repairs 

As of right now I do marketing for Clark Properties, which is predominately real estate. Their largest revenue earning company is a group of storage facilities. I also market their mall plaza, office space, warehouses, mobile home parks, riverfront development, and wedding chapel venue. I have also done free lance ad designs for a local surf camp. 

Small business start-up entrepreneurs 

I am working in the fashion services 

E-commerce, with a broad focus of categories, including:
- green products
- music-themed merchandise
- sports-themed merchandise
- Parental/children e-books

International Marketing; Health and Wellness; Home-based Business Opportunities;
LIMU Brand premier Fucoidan diet supplements made from limu moui seaweed off the Island of Tonga in the South Pacific.

I have extensive experience is personal finance, financial services, weddings, event planning, mortgages, debt, credit, non-profits, marketing, business and public relations. There are some other genres that I dabble in as well. I always have my fingers on something in my main industries, but have also worked in industries such as education, arts and crafts, health and fitness and more.

A good marketing professional can market anything. It's about getting to know the industry and the client and then applying marketing strategies to help them achieve those goals. Whether it's selling sneakers or houses, marketing techniques can be applied to make it happen.

I steer away from cold, financial type of products/services. They are no fun... so I would say my portfolio consists of decor, food... design and colorful social media to name a few. One may as well enjoy what they do in life... the money will follow if you follow your passions! 


Here is an interesting area:

Railroad train control systems - everything from the brake pad to a system that advises the engineer on the most efficient way to operate the train.

telekomunikation,and i have sold electrik voucher with my own server 

Active in biotech & pharma. We assist biotech & pharma companies in licensing in and out of their compounds or technology.

We offer outsourcing servcies to those biotech companies that want to make use of a thrid party.
Services are in:
- analytics
- preclinical services
- clinical trials
- scaling up of (bio)processing, clinical batch manufacture
- optimising synthesis of chemical compounds , clinical batch manufacture
- formulation & fill & finish

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