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Are you part of any professional networking sites? Has it served its purpose for you?

Yes, I have not really made huge use of the site have not had the need 

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Yes - and NONE have served any purpose except when I need a distraction. 

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Yes, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It has transformed my business and grown my network of current clients, potential clients and referral sources. 

I am and it has. www.royalsequelenterprises.com feature HelloHello which is like a Facebook which has just launched out of Denmark.

I am also on every social site available and can send a message to all of them with a touch of a button. The networking opportunities have amazed me with thousands of new contacts I never would have had otherwise!

yes it purpose for me 

I have business fan pages on Facebook, with little results. I use LinkedIn and am a BizNik member, again with little results. For me, mixing and mingling online with other therapists (the people *I* serve) and being a resource for them has been a key to my success. 

I am a member of a couple of chamber of commerce
Member of NOW: National Organization of women
Member of Cema (E-Marleting association)
Member and VP membership for Toastmasters Burbank chapter
Member of LAAMA and a board member
Member of Eco-Chamber and a featured columnist
All these organizations helped me develop my own brand and obtain speaking engagements that helped propel my business further.

Yes I am. I am still not sure if it works or just creates more clutter. 

I am part of several networking sites, including Linkedin, Twitter, ecademy and Facebook. The biggest value is Google ranking they allow me to achieve. While I love connecting and interacting with other professionals, I don't get a large return on that, no matter how hard a try. It's almost as if people don't have time to network, and it's the most important thing they can do! 

Linked In 

yes, absolutely, my intention is to be more healthy as well as gain financial freedom 

I am part of a few Bridal Networks, much of my traffic has come to my stylist website through these networks and the blogs they have refereed me on. I was able to measure that through analytic programs. It has given me everything from leads to networking opportunities to branding my name. 

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