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What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?

Listen to Nike and: Just do it. There isn't really any other advice. A blog isn't something obscure that only special people can have but its something for anyone who has something to say or share with the world. Go to a site like Blogger or Blogspot and just create your blog. And remember it is yours, you can do whatever you want with it! 

Begin one, and start writing. Don't stop. 

Just do it.
Write what interests you - readers will find you. If you write what you think people want to read you will start thinking of it as a chore. You'll also get bored.
Just do it - your voice will develop and so will your style.

Use a good design person to really plan the blog out. Make it clean, not cluttered! I hate blogs that have tons of stuff all over. It makes it hard to read or find anything. Choose your blog name carefully. You will have to live with it and it needs to be unique enough to attract attention but not so weird people are put off by it. Contact everyone and anyone to get sponsors which will help you support the blog while you build your PR. 

If you do an Internet search for "how to start a good blog," you'll probably find a lot of articles telling you to focus on one niche. The more specific your blog is, the stronger following you'll have.

I say that's garbage. My blog focuses on anything and everything that I'm passionate about or find interesting. Whether it's some fan's handmade book on the history of Nintendo, a fancy new camera, a crazy custom designer toy by an artist you've neve heard of, or a pretty girl dressed up as a video game character,I always post what I like.

Or maybe it's not that I DON'T have a specific niche. Maybe my specific niche is just "all sorts of crap that's hip, geeky, or otherwise awesome as defined by myself."

If there is something you really enjoy, do it! It can be as fun as you allow it to be. 

Make sure your drawer is comfortable. Cedar lined. No Ikea junk. If you don't have arms, you'll need to find somebody to type for you. 

Write about subjects that are close to your own experiences and focus on topics that have depth. Stay current. Being the first blogger to expose or focus on a sticky subject will bring many loyal followers with similar issues or interests. As difficult as it may be, try to maintain a good work/life balance while working at a full time job and blogging. Don't make blogging your primary focus.

I will leave you with this beautiful thought: https://soundcloud.com/nessigomes/true-love-will-find-you-in-the

Follow your passion. It's easy to write about what you know and love! 

buy a domain, setup wordpress and start posting. you can tweak everything on ur journey. but taking action is the key to success. 

Must be consistent and blog about interesting topic that able to catch attention 

If you are an expert in your field...If you have a unique idea or perspective....I say go for it. 

The best advice I can give would be to make sure before purchasing your domain name you will want it forever. If writing is something you enjoy, I say go for it! 

Make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. No one likes a person who starts blogging just for the freebies and doesn't put a little passion into the text and pictures on the site. 

Have something to say, and also be regular in posting. You don't need to post every day, but a few times a week, maybe. Mine differs slightly in that I only post when I've finished a book, meaning there are anywhere between one and four posts in a week, but you need to keep going. A gap of two weeks or more is too long. Have a routine. 


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