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What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?

Put your whole heart into it; don't give people scraps. 

Go for it! It's an amazing, empowering experience. Even if you're just blogging about your day-to-day activities, your opinions on random, silly things, or even just bizarre encounters you have...do it! Everyone has something to offer, everyone has an area of expertise, be it makeup artistry, fashion, sports, politics, or how to make button-holes...and if you're really passionate about it, all the better! Don't question yourself, don't second-guess yourself...just get in there and share what's in your head. 

be a nice and have fun 

I am too novice to give any advice at all. I would welcome any advice given to me at this point. 

Make sure it is about something that you have a passion about. It is after all an extension of you. Most of all, have fun with it. If it isn't fun, then what would be the point of it? 

My advice would be to just write what you feel. Don't shy away from expressing your true opinions and feelings no matter what they are. Find a website that is user friendly and that you feel comfortable using. I would also recommend remaining anonymous, depending on the subject matter, because there are a lot of crazy people out there who probably wouldn't mind harming, harassing, or threatening you if they had the chance if something you write rubs them the wrong way.

But most of all, enjoy it and remember to think about your readers and what they most likely would want. To do this, just think about what you would like to see in a blog in the way of formatting, topics, etc. and go from there.

Use microsoft word to write on then copy and paste it on the blog thing because blogspot doesn't have the spell check or automatic capitalization thing. Oh and make it interesting. :) 

Just be yourself and know what you want to write about. I know it sounds cliche, but it's really the most important rule about blogging. I failed to do these two when I first started, so I easily got bored. When I finally realized what I was doing wrong, I made a point to change my blog, so it just worked out effectively. And another thing is that you shouldn't get disappointed or discouraged when no one reads your blog or follows you. It may take time for others to find your page, but they will, I assure you. Lastly, just have FUN! 

Make sure that YOU are excited about what your trying to blog about and that you have PLENTY of time set aside! :) 

Here is my best advice:
Choose a topic that you’re extremely passionate about because this will make writing easier and enjoyable.
Ask yourself why you want to start a blog
Are you writing for yourself, or because you want to find fame and stardom?
Start by utilizing a free blog service, such as: wordpress.com or blogger.com
Keep your expectations humble
Try to write daily
Network with other bloggers within your genre

just do it. Don't fret and be true to you...find your own voice and experiment. Don't write for anybody other than yourself and you will be off to a great start. Also, do it on a regular basis so you can find your own style and rhythm. 

Hire me to help you get started! Find a niche or a structure on which to hang your posts to avoid brain dump. 

Like anything else: follow your passion.

If you write a blog, don't do it for the money. That isn't to say you can't make money, because you can. BUT, it takes an act of love to build a passionate audience and you'll want to be able to do that first. Passionate audiences come from passionate bloggers.

Do your research. Work out what kind of blog you want to create. Decide if you are prepared to put in the effort long term (years) to come up with fresh content on a consistent basis, because if you can't say yes, it won't work. Blogs must be relevant, interesting and above all regularly updated. 

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