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What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?

Write about things you are interested in. Write often. Write well. Get the word out, particularly among other bloggers. Once your readership grows, you will be bitten by the bug. 

Just do it! Start as a guest or student answering questions, give an opinion. As soon as you notice some appreciation find a subject you know enough about, think of a nice title, eventually a nickname if you need the privacy and write a story. 

Start! Too many people worry about how best to blog and the simple truth is you just need to get going. Build it and they will come!

Once you start, be consistent - the search engines will learn if you blog say, every Monday and so will your readers.

Illustrate your blogs - readers respond better to those with pictures.

Reciprocate comments. Respond to those both on your own blog and visit the blogs of those who have commented and repay the compliment.

Find your voice - and your audience will find you. And be honest with your audience - admit it when you're wrong - and admit it when you're unhappy. 

I'd just try to get across that blogs aren't about pleasing other people, they're about your interests. Try not to do it for views, meaning posting something because you like it is the best bet. Experimenting is cool too. 

follow your passion, don't let it work you, readers will come if you supply good content 

Don't do it unless you really have something to say, you're willing to learn more about it as you go on, and you're good at writing. And don't do it you're not willing to work at it forever. 

go for it - it's addicting 

Don't expect it to take off over night. You will think about quitting all together before it even comes close to what you have envisioned for it.

Don't do it with the thought that you will make money.

Make friends, support others and figure out how you can work together.

Go for it.

Analyse your audience.
Write for them, unless you want to rant.
Join as many Social media sites
Automate as much as you can
Use what tools you can
Join specialised sites
Write good SEO content
Get a good SEO domain name

Say what you feel, don't try to please others. Never think 'this is what they will like to read'. What you write should first & foremost be liked by you the writer. Keep it simple, & make sure the grammar of the language is good. Use pictures & videos if you like, makes the blog more appealing 

Write every day. Find your own voice, and write about something you're passionate it about. Be persistent, and your audience will come. 

Here are some of my advices to someone who wishes to start blogging:

1. Pick a niche you're REALLY passionate about. Don't pick a niche just because it can make money. If you're not passionate about that topic, you won't come up with good articles, and blogging is a chore, instead of a enjoyable ride for you. I love internet and network marketing, that's why I can blog about it almost everyday :)

2. Read established blogs of bloggers in your niche.
Reading blogs will give you insights on what to write on your blog, and you will also learn to blog better in the process. Follow leaders in your niche and learn from them.

3. Stay Focus.
Write articles for your targeted audience. Don't blog about too many topics, as that will dilute your blog niche. Stay focus on your niche and make your blog a resource center where people come back for more information.

4. Blog.
Yes. The last advice is to blog. It's always good to design your blog, changing themes, adding new widgets to make your blog look nicer. But it's always content that counts! Do blog. If you stop blogging, your blog starts dying.

Love what you do. Love your subject. Build a community. Play. Don't force things to happen, let them unfold. Choose a subject that will interest you for at least 5 years. Don't get angry if no one seems to be paying attention. Don't get scared if you get too much attention. Talk to your followers and find out what they want. Give the people what they want. Actively, aggressively solicit user input. Take criticism on board and weigh it carefully before dismissing it BUT remember - some people will be picking holes no matter what you do. Learn the difference, as one is useful and the other is garbage.

Be humble. Say thank you often. Understand you will be making a significant time commitment to this blog if it takes off, and therefore be prepared for that. Do not think you can just 'step away' from it and no one will miss you if you become successful.

Learn about the existing online community. Offer something different to the table. Don't be a similar voice in a group of similar voices and think you'll be heard. Respect those who were there before you and help those who come after. Make alliances and friendships with these people. They are NOT the enemy. Don't get angry if your followers follow them also.

Be inclusive to all of your followers. Encourage creativity. Encourage conversation. Make people feel welcome. Value everyone's contribution even if you don't find it has much use or merit personally. Honor the people who choose to give their time to read your work - as they honor you by making that choice.

Start out in your spare time, or go part-time with your main job. It takes a loooooooooong time to build up an audience, a lot of time and effort. 

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