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What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?

To be an original, not copycat, be yourself, and add comments to be continuous 

I think blogs should be focused on specific issues and these should be of great interest to the blogger. 

My advice is split the path, decide whether you are 'journaling' to entertain your thought, family and friends, and make a statement. IF you are blogging for business, industry or money walk that path. Each path has it's own agenda and top level gurus. Search for keywords in these matters, find the guru's blogging and follow them on facebook, twitter and badger them with questions. 

be yourself and don't try to copy other sites 

Do it!If you have your mind set to do it, then go ahead. Make it your own, and soon enough you will have followers lining up. 

First: Word Press is your friend. Make your life easy and choose it as your platform.

Second: Puh-lease use spell check.

Third: Have fun and be creative. Pick someone with whom you have a great relationship (someone who never judges you, but always supports you), and write the blog in a voice as if you are writing to them as an individual - this will make it authentic and consistent.

If you're thinking about starting your own blog, i say.. DO IT!
There's nothing to lose and in fact a lot to gain, you can meet some great people through blogging and it can become a really fun thing to do and great hobby, you have to think of what you want your blog to be about (cooking,fashion,beauty ect) or many even abit of everything and then get posting and msot importantly ENJOY EVERY SECOND! :)

If you want to start a blog, know and be true to your topic, expect to work hard and keep long hours. As a professional blogger you need to have a grasp of graphic design, understand the principles of marketing, and know basic web design and html. 


If there is one thing that I could share with another blogger is this - find your passion in life. Find your passion and the money will come to you.

Another tip I would love to share - Never Ever Give Up No Matter What. If you feel like that you are not succeeding, give it one more minute, then one more hour, then one more day and before you know it you have a blog that is successful and that others love reading. Connect, Stay, Keep Going, Dream, Believe, Achieve, Success. Its that simple!

Don't do it for the attention or to meet people. Do it because you want to. That way, you never lose sight of your goals. 

Start blogging. Find out where it leads you. 

Just dive in. You'll learn as you go. Do it for yourself first. 

Just have fun and write/post whatever you want.. enjoy :) 

Blogging is actually fun, but do take your blog seriously. It can make you generate additional income. Blogging is really interesting and you will definitely find it amazing. It feels great to see your readers commenting on the posts created by you.

Always make sure to make a cool relationship with your readers. Before that you must define your readers. You must target your particular audience and try to give the desired face to your blog.

Write interesting, not very long and impressive content. Add pun where ever it is required. Write on fresh topics and these days top tens or top fives are catching up popularity so, make sure to keep this in your mind.

Try to make friendly relation with other bloggers. Experienced bloggers have lots in their kitty to guide the new ones. Do not hesitate to experiment, but make sure to learn lessons quickly.

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