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What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?

Have a plan. It doesn't need to be a fully formulated one (though that helps), but you should have a few specific goals regarding what your blog is. Be flexible. Don't panic if you can't post everyday or on a day you really wanted to. Things happen and life is unpredictable. Building an audience takes time. Be sure to reach out to others who have similar blogs. Make sure you use tools like Twitter to showcase your blog, but try not to overextend yourself. Have an idea what your limits are. If you chose to start a blog with a partner, communicate often and try to make sure you all stay on the same page regarding the goals of the blog. This might seem like an obvious one but know how to write in your chosen language and find someone to edit. Spellcheck is great but it doesn't always catch the grammatical errors and if you wrote its when it should be it's, spellcheck will miss it. Most importantly, have fun. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, then there is no point in have the blog. If you love what you're doing and you can write clearly, it will show and your audience will come. 

Be true to yourself and use your real voice. You need to have personality and not be dry to blog and draw attention. Just be yourself and have fun! 

Do it for yourself, read other peoples blogs and join twitter. 

Post what ever you like, but give the credit to the original owner. Never say that something is yours when it is not. Be nice to everyone. Do not act vain and snotty towards other bloggers. Get a twitter for your blog. 

Be sincere, good contents and continue posting. 

Social medias are very important to promote the blog. 

Find something that you're interested in or can relate to, and think about your audience and who you're trying to appeal to! 

Be prepared to write for at least one year before you see any significant following. Write consistent, high-quality content at least five times a week. Write what you know. Write what you're passionate about. 

Just start one and try it. Don't tell a lot of people you're doing it until you have a few posts up and have worked out the kinks.
If you're an artist who wants to promote your work, use your name in the name of the blog--don't make people have to remember a cutesy name that doesn't have anything to do with your name as an artist.

Write from your heart. Write what moves you. Don't overthink it. It is really quite easy. I have had 3 other blogs in the past! 

Just write about what you know. I guarantee someone out there will want to read it and may even be helped by your words. Tell everyone you know that you have a blog and remind them when you post. Put yourself out there. 

It depends on what kind of blog a person wants. If it's just a personal blog, you can do that any time you want. You can use a free blog like wordpress.com or blogger. If you want to blog professionally or semi-professionally, think of a niche which you can sustain. It should be something you enjoy blogging about. Then when you've decided on the topic, get a domain and a reliable webhost. 

Just do it. It literally takes minutes to start a blog. You don't have to invent the platform, it's there, just make use of it. 

make sure you use true informative info stay true to yourself and try not to step on anyones toes 

Do it! Share about what you love, know or care about. Don't have expectations, and just enjoy the ride. 

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