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How do you see your blog evolving in the future?

I how to gain more followers and to maybe start a new blog about different things! 

There really is no crystal ball! If you had told me in July 2007 that, from my blog, I would write for the NY Post four times, get courted by an agent to write a book, be invited to all kinds of culinary events, etc., I would have never believed you!
All I can say is that I hope to continue enjoying writing and having fun with my website.

I see the blog contributing to my content library as a publisher, writer and speaker. It gives me a library of content to develop and a place for me to try out some of my thoughts on "paper." 

I don't have a clear vision. I just know that I continue to push myself, both creatively and technologically, at every opportunity. Marketing may become a bigger priority, but I'm not sure which direction that will take me. 

I see my blog becoming more effective in reaching a larger readership, with a larger collection of articles so that it truly becomes a definitive resource. 

I hope it just keeps being viewed. Knowledge is Power! 

I am in the process of adding onto my original blog with life blogging. I'm going to invite the camera into my personal life. I also hope to integrate my poetry, erotica writing and memoir writing into an online experience. In time I would like to work in other mediums such as spoken word, or photography. There is so much to be done in life; I hope I have the time. 

My blog is gaining a lot of traffic and interesting comments from interested people. 

I'd love to have more time to expand so I can review a lot more horror books and movies, so I'm hoping to have the time in the near future. 

I've got lots of things written. It's just a matter of getting them posted. It will probably just get longer. I'd love it if it actually got 'Bigger'. I'd like to be a bigger, better blogger. 

I hope and assume it will grow slowly, along with my career as a writer. 

I love to have heaps of followers. Either way, it's a diary for me, and I enjoy it. 

I don't really know if my blog will evolve, it's basically just a huge collection of my randomness. 

Eh... I don't. It'll get more posts and slowly grow in size but otherwise it will remain as it is. 

Perhaps some video blogging, but to evolve from Pictures to Video is a huge step. It's an entirely different medium. 

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