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How do you see your blog evolving in the future?

the only way my blogging is going to evolve is by me putting more time in it by posting regularly, adding pictures, and adding videos. i'll also have to advertise my blog. 

I how to gain more followers and to maybe start a new blog about different things! 

There really is no crystal ball! If you had told me in July 2007 that, from my blog, I would write for the NY Post four times, get courted by an agent to write a book, be invited to all kinds of culinary events, etc., I would have never believed you!
All I can say is that I hope to continue enjoying writing and having fun with my website.

I see the blog contributing to my content library as a publisher, writer and speaker. It gives me a library of content to develop and a place for me to try out some of my thoughts on "paper." 

I don't have a clear vision. I just know that I continue to push myself, both creatively and technologically, at every opportunity. Marketing may become a bigger priority, but I'm not sure which direction that will take me. 

I see my blog becoming more effective in reaching a larger readership, with a larger collection of articles so that it truly becomes a definitive resource. 

I hope it just keeps being viewed. Knowledge is Power! 

I am in the process of adding onto my original blog with life blogging. I'm going to invite the camera into my personal life. I also hope to integrate my poetry, erotica writing and memoir writing into an online experience. In time I would like to work in other mediums such as spoken word, or photography. There is so much to be done in life; I hope I have the time. 

My blog is gaining a lot of traffic and interesting comments from interested people. 

I'd love to have more time to expand so I can review a lot more horror books and movies, so I'm hoping to have the time in the near future. 

I've got lots of things written. It's just a matter of getting them posted. It will probably just get longer. I'd love it if it actually got 'Bigger'. I'd like to be a bigger, better blogger. 

I hope and assume it will grow slowly, along with my career as a writer. 

I love to have heaps of followers. Either way, it's a diary for me, and I enjoy it. 

I don't really know if my blog will evolve, it's basically just a huge collection of my randomness. 

Eh... I don't. It'll get more posts and slowly grow in size but otherwise it will remain as it is. 

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