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How do you see your blog evolving in the future?

I am not sure. Right now, we are still finding our full voice, but between my partner and me, we have a lot of real life responsibilities. I would love for us to be able to expand our blog to the point where it could become a full time job. I think it is possible, but it will take some time. I think if we could figure out how to juggle everything, we could become a pop culture blog similar to Entertainment Weekly but with our own unique twist. 

I hope in the future to bring my study of social work more into my blog and look at the social, psychological and emotional impacts of celiac disease on a daily basis. In addition I hope my blog will grow and come to help more people in many ways 

not sure 

I see my blog evolving greatly in the future. 

Should be good and improving over times 

Maybe into a website. 

As our boys band grows our know my blog will. They have had 28 tour dates already. And opened for Justin Bieber for 20 of those shows. 

I'd really like to find the time to review other blogs. I'd love to be able to offer my readers a contest or a gift at some point. 

I can't really tell for now. I have a regular job and blogging is more of a hobby for me. 

i see me managing things about the same working on growing my audience in the near future 

I have no idea, it's something that grows somewhat organically, rather than something that has a plan. It may get to the point where I can make some income from it, but at this point of time I really don't care either way in that regard. 

I would like to eventually expand into separate sites, each with the Athens Living format but focusing on separate aspects of the existing Athens Living site i.e. Athens Living People, Athens Living Food, Athens Living Places etc etc. 

I hope to constantly improve my blog and make reading it an enjoyable experience for all of my followers 

It is my hope that people will see through the fog of celebrity, glamour, vanity and fate that the media forcefeeds western society with and will see that their life has a reason, a purpose, a destiny and a destination, in Jesus Christ... Whether that be 20 people or 2000 I really do not mind! 

I don't quite know how to answer that but I suppose that my blog will get more quality the longer I spend time on Tumblr. I hope to learn some Photoshop skills or something so that I won't be the useless blogger any more. 

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