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How do you see your blog evolving in the future?

More news, more live coverages, more ideas. 

Hmmm. Hav not thot abot it. Ai jus' hope peepuls & anipals haz fun reading & sharing. Ai hope peepuls lookin fur pets will think abot older pets & how much fun we haz wit our hyoomins. Ai hope frenz kin feel gud abot coming 2 mai blog & having a gud laff sumtiems bcuz sumtiems Ai git a bit silly. 

As long as I keep at it, I can see my blog hopefully evolving steadily into a successful site with a good follower base. 

Absolutely! This is just the beginning of me finishing the things that I start and given the multiple layers of this blog I only see it growing and evolving from this point forward... 

I would like to see it evolve into published writing, so the blog becoming secondary to my other writing. 

I can see it as one of most viewed blogs in the whole world.. 

I hope that my blog continues to grow and I am able to share a love of reading with the world. 

We are going to rebuild the site from the ground up next year, giving it a new look and feel, making it more user-friendly. I'm reaching out to my readers to find out what they'd like to see that isn't there. 

I see my blog becoming bigger, and I would love to start more blogs on slightly different topic area's. 

My blog evolves as my interests change. 

I hope that it will continue to grow and gain a significant amount of readers. I want it to get to the point were I am able to cover major events and incorporate more chances to give more to my readers. 

I do and bloggers will become more of an authoritative voice. 

i see the whole community of 'outcast' rising up and taking a stand. for them to finally stop holding back and to fight back, you know life is like a war. its them 'preppy' vs. us 'outcast' and we have to be ready. I'm not saying that i see them beating up people for no reason I'm just saying that i see them standing up for their rights. 

I'd like to gradually get my blog to be a more regular part of my routine.

I'd like to see follower numbers grow (like a religious sect *evil grin*) and I'd especially like to see more people asking questions so we can teach each other more about writing and the writing process. I hope that someone is getting value out of what I write on my blog and I'd like to help people become published, famous and rich. Then I could say, "Hey, see 'so and so', I helped him/her become a better writer) 'cause after all, we all want something out of this don't we? *cheeky grin*

Oh! And an afterthought. I'd like my blog to look more professional! Eventually. You can't rush these things.

I see it evolving in a way that it will become more personal, i will start reporting about my life and activities more. I definitely want it to be a lifestyle blog therefore i will start focusing on different aspects of my life for example concerts i go to, restaurants or bars i visit etc 

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