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How do you see your blog evolving in the future?

Global & domestic expansion has already started and is inevitable. My hope is that it becomes the reputable publication for Cheapeats similar to the food critics of acclaimed news publications. 

That's an excellent question for which I have absolutely no answer. 20 years ago, when the internet was in it's infancy, I did not forsee the ability to write something and post it on a electronic machine where the world would easily access and read it. It was not in my vision.

Likewise, I have no idea what blogging will be like 20 years from now - or if it will exist at all. I grew up with all sorts of things that no longer exist - like rotary dial phones, cathode ray tube television sets, and transistor radios.

I'm just enjoying the ride. Right now.

At the moment I do not have any set future plans for my blog. I take it as it comes, so it's rather difficult to answer this question. 

More news, more live coverages, more ideas. 

Hmmm. Hav not thot abot it. Ai jus' hope peepuls & anipals haz fun reading & sharing. Ai hope peepuls lookin fur pets will think abot older pets & how much fun we haz wit our hyoomins. Ai hope frenz kin feel gud abot coming 2 mai blog & having a gud laff sumtiems bcuz sumtiems Ai git a bit silly. 

As long as I keep at it, I can see my blog hopefully evolving steadily into a successful site with a good follower base. 

Absolutely! This is just the beginning of me finishing the things that I start and given the multiple layers of this blog I only see it growing and evolving from this point forward... 

I would like to see it evolve into published writing, so the blog becoming secondary to my other writing. 

I can see it as one of most viewed blogs in the whole world.. 

I hope that my blog continues to grow and I am able to share a love of reading with the world. 

We are going to rebuild the site from the ground up next year, giving it a new look and feel, making it more user-friendly. I'm reaching out to my readers to find out what they'd like to see that isn't there. 

I see my blog becoming bigger, and I would love to start more blogs on slightly different topic area's. 

My blog evolves as my interests change. 

I hope that it will continue to grow and gain a significant amount of readers. I want it to get to the point were I am able to cover major events and incorporate more chances to give more to my readers. 

I do and bloggers will become more of an authoritative voice. 

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