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How do you see your blog evolving in the future?

I don't see why not, that's all it does. 

Yes. A friend of mine and I are brainstorming for my very own website.
Of which I am very excited.

Hopefully I'll have lots of daily visitors, even subscribers. I'd like to blog for a living and I'd love to have a hopping place with loads of comments. 

My blogs evolve with my experience and technique. I would continue to develop and promote Blogger template, with the possibility that I would start to develop our own Wordpress theme. My idea is that Falcon Hive would publish our own Blogger templates, while Falcon Ministry would publish our own Wordpress themes, and we have one more blog named Falcon Foundation is still under development process. I'm sure that my future is very busy and yes, wonderful. 

I imagine I will begin posting more tutorial videos of art processes, but otherwise I'm sticking to this format for now. 

I started Gnatworld in July of 2008, but it sat neglected for a very long time due to writing duties. It was only in the first quarter of 2009 that I really saw the potential for the blog. I want to continue to play with the live video show GNATWORLD TV (www.ustream.tv/channel/gnatworld-tv) and on the VIDEO section of the blog) and develop it into something viable and fun for me and the viewers.
I want to do an online serial as well as a comic strip. I don;t talk much about my personal life as it is currently pretty boring, but if I spice that up it could be a topic.

I wait. Any feed back. 

Well, one thing I'd like to do is give it a customized makeover that is more book-themed. I was considering doing it myself, but I'm not sure I quite have the skills for that yet. We'll see what happens.

I would love to see my readership continue to grow, though given that I've only had this blog for about 3 and a half months as I write this, I am certainly not complaining! In fact, I'm quite humbled.

I also REALLY hope to continue to hone and improve my reviewing skills and writing. There are some amazing reviewers out there and I can only hope to be as insightful they are!

I am not sure. I hope to have fresh content and not really get locked into anything. Having a voice on the internet is what it is all about for me! 

I hope so that would be great! 

Let's just wait and see...I'll become more technically proficient, and I hope to reach more people. 

I really have no intent starting a website in place of my blog , i'd like to leave it with blogspot since its free and i feel that Google directs people more to blogs under blogspot and Google is the most popular search engine.

I'd also like to add ads, attend fashion shows and blog on the go, like attend a show and post images from it 5 minutes after its done, almost live.

In the future I see my blog as a vehicle to promote sales of my handmade cards and craft supplies. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I'm slowly working in that direction. 

I don't have to see any if my blog will evolve in the future but for me I've just post based on my experience I had. 

I am hoping to continue to grow my audience. I love telling my daily stories and I love taking pictures to capture these daily stories so I hope I will continue to grow! 

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