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How do you see your blog evolving in the future?

Let's just wait and see...I'll become more technically proficient, and I hope to reach more people. 

I really have no intent starting a website in place of my blog , i'd like to leave it with blogspot since its free and i feel that Google directs people more to blogs under blogspot and Google is the most popular search engine.

I'd also like to add ads, attend fashion shows and blog on the go, like attend a show and post images from it 5 minutes after its done, almost live.

In the future I see my blog as a vehicle to promote sales of my handmade cards and craft supplies. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but I'm slowly working in that direction. 

I don't have to see any if my blog will evolve in the future but for me I've just post based on my experience I had. 

I am hoping to continue to grow my audience. I love telling my daily stories and I love taking pictures to capture these daily stories so I hope I will continue to grow! 

i'm not sure.... my blog evolves in the same way that i do as a person. so if i'm evolving creatively, spiritually, personally... it evolves in the same manner. we're kind of tied together me and my blog. :) 

I would like to be part of the publication of a magazine or newspaper

I try and integrate all new technology that comes along that I think adds value. 

I do hope that my blog becomes popular enough that I have many many followers and comments. However my true hope is that it will lead to the publishing of my short stories. I have yet to decided if I wanted to publish any of those short stories on the blog in fear of someone taking it from me... 

Hopefully with a wider readership and may be a job in the beauty industry. 

I'm hoping it evolves into a popular blog that continues to bring readers from all over the world, that generates double-digit comments per post (at minimum), that people talk about and refer others to and that provides information and entertaining post that people are looking for. 

Once we get well established here in Athens, I'd love to see a Seattle Music Junkie, Nashville Music Junkie, London Music Junkie, etc. That would be the ultimate goal.

For now, we're always working on getting advertisers and readers. Redesigns are happening about once a year and we take a lot of advice from others.

I see me being able to devote more time to it, getting advertising, and being able to follow through on a lot of opportunities. I have the good luck to know a lot of fabulous artists and designers around the country, and I would love to report on the more intimate aspects of the creation of their work. 

It is a ministry that is going to touch even more men in the future. 

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