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How many visits a day do you get? What type of comments do you receive?

I don't actually know, and I'm not sure how to find out to be honest! I'm not some closet geek I'm someone who is living life and sharing my experiences with others... I've had a few comments from other bloggers and they've all been positive with some useful constructive criticism along the way. 

Hahaha I honestly have no idea. Probably not that many 'cause my blog isn't quality or anything. I don't often receive comments about my blog but the few comments that I have had are generally positive, so that's nice. 

On average I get between 1,000 and 2,000 visits a day. I usually receive comments on the Look of the Week feature with people commenting on the girls' look for that week or comments asking a question about when a certain product will come out. Sometimes I get trolls leaving a nasty comment, but those always get deleted right away. 

It all depends on how actively I promote the blog on social media. Some days I get hundreds of views and some days I only get a few. I also work full time so I don't have as much time as I'd like to promote the blog. 

I get about 150-300 pages views per day. Comments depend on the type of post. Since I have become more involved in the book blog world, I am getting more consistent comments. 

On an average day, I receive 700-1000 hits. The comments usually pertain directly to the topic I've chosen for the day. I almost never get spam. 

I get between 10-40 views per day. At the moment I get very few comments which is really frustrating. Sometimes I try to be really rather controversial but folks still do not bite back. All the comments I have had so far, have always been kind and positive and I am grateful for them as it spurs you on if you think someone is out there listening. I have also had of course, some annoying spam comments too which are just time consuming and tedious. 

Daily visitor numbers vary from the thousands to the tens, depending on if I've posted and the subject I've written about. I wish more people left comments, but I assume that's because people just agree with me! 

It can vary from 30-200visits a day. Comments received are either fan praise or feedback on dining experience in a featured restaurant. 

I get about 100 or so visits a day, comments are usually very insightful and interesting. 

I don't blog daily, only weekly, so that's how I count visits. I get approximately 100 or so visits a week. It's a tiny group - but who cares?

I often ask questions or pose dilemmas, so my comments often respond specifically to the posted question. I get a fair number of compliment comments that I am certainly proud of, but don't necessarily add to a conversation.

Every so often a comment pops up from someone new or totally unexpected and I really enjoy when that happens.

I get between 200 to 1000 visits a day to my blog. I mostly receive positive comments on my blog, but I also get the odd hate mail from time to time. 

anywhere between 500-4000 unique/day. Most comments are for some video or competitions. 

Ai don't know how menny visits. Mom di'n't put a counter on. Ai haz fambly and frenz that visit & leev comments--udder anipals leev comments. 

I received 1000 views within the first two weeks of my blog by uploading consistent content. 

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