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What was it that made you create your blog? On what date did you start it?

I started this blog on May 15th in hopes to find a way to get myself writing. I knew I always wanted to get out my thoughts I just didn't know how. 

IMM began as a blog where I vented life's frustrations. Last year when I moved over to New York I decided to make it a dedicated makeup and beauty blog. 

I originally began blogging on a different subject and felt stifled because the subject was so narrow. At the time, which was a little more than two years ago, I didn't know anything about blogging or anything about blogs. I did a little sole searching and figured out that I wanted an all-encompassing site that represented who that I am, what my talents are and my experience. 

I started my blog when I first started my job and moved to a big expensive city. I wanted to live the "sex and the city" lifestyle but without going into debt. It was started Wednesday, September 3, 2008. 

I began the blog in May of 2008. Strange things happen to me in Athens. I was pulled onstage during my first Pylon show, I work with someone from Love Tractor, and I end up talking to the most interesting people. I wanted some way of recording these events and some of my friends from the REM fansite Murmurs.com recommended I start a blog. 

I started it last October when a magazine that I was writing an article for folded. The was about a local wearable art show, and I was super psyched about all the people that I talked to and the things I saw that I just thought; why not self-publish? 

I started my blog on October 31, 2008 because I was unemployed and because I wanted to share with othe rmen the solutions I found to the problems I have faced in my life. 

I started blogging in 2008 for classes, and I continued blogging because I found it to be a good way to think through things as well as to build a professional identity. 

I needed an outlet for my review/interview writing, as the e-zine I wrote for folded. 

I started it last Januari when a magazine that I was writing an article for folded. The was about a Multimedia or cellular phone, and I was super psyched about all the people that I talked to and the things I saw that I just thought; why not self-publish? All free!!! god luck!!! 

Turmoil in the Southern Baptist Convention that involved my minister, Wade Burleson, who was then an International Mission Board Trustee, who was looking at being expelled for the first time in Southern Baptist history due to conflict with certain policies concerning women in ministry and baptism.

I began blogging in September of 2005, and began my current blog in 2008 after the Southern Baptist Convention in June.

I started my blog in spring of 2008 as part of a class assignment for a PR In Social Media class. I kept up with it because I love the subject matter, am opinionated, and tons of people read it now. 

I started my site in 2005. I saw other blogs and figured if they could do it so could i.
I like doing the site because I like being a positive force in cyberspace, and hopefully people find my site entertaining.
It's my philosophy that if I can make people forget about their troubles for a few minutes a day, then it's all worth it.
I love you guys!!!!

I've been using journaling online tools since 2001, but my current blog that revolves around quilting was started mid-2007. 

I had been blogging on MySpace for 2 years and I felt restricted by not being able to really say whatever I want to because I had a high-profile job and I knew some people on my friends list could not be trusted to not tell others. I started a blog on June 30, 2008. 

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