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What was it that made you create your blog? On what date did you start it?

The idea of bringing everyone to the kitchen and uniting people through food.
We started around late 2008.

saving all my photos to my hard drive was taking up to much room, so i moved it to the internet 

The murder of a close family member, and insights gained in the causes and triggers of violence. I started blogging in Sept. 09 

Well, I was a anime fan since then. Then one day, my friend ask me, since I always talk about them, on how many anime shows I've watch, since I watch purely for the fun of it, and before I realize it, I have actually watch more than 40 shows! already!!. And since I always complain about my friends, for they are not avide fan of anime. So I decided to start a blog anime, to express my opinion about every anime shows I've watch. I started my blog on November of 2009. Can't really remember the exact date. :D 

I started my blog in April '07, two years after giving birth to my only child, who was a miracle preemie. Having to leave him in the NICU night after night for four months triggered complicated "adoptee" issues within myself that I didn't realize were there. I am tired of society dictating to adoptees "how to" process, feel, think, and talk about adoption. 

I wanted to create a space where I could put up music (audio and video) and pictures that interest me as well as add my opinion if needed. I started the blog back in July 09. I also do not hesitate to add vids to the site for humor. 

I've had many blogs in the past, but this one started recently, I believe in the month of September 2009.

I stared my blog because I wanted a blog that was strictly for my "poetry" (if you can call it that). Even though not many people read it, I feel that at least someone is reading it and is hearing my voice since I'm not that vocal of a person. After all, reading is like talking. So you can kind of look at my creating of my blog as my release point.

I created a blog because a lot of other people on Etsy recommended doing it and I thought it'd be a nice way to promote my shop. I started my blog in July 2008. 

Well my english teacher made us a blog for english class, and I loved it so much I made my own! It was around September 15th I'm pretty sure. 

First of all, I like to write. I've wanted to start a blog for quite awhile. If I had known how easy it was to start blog, I would have started one a long time ago. I started my blog on October 14, 2009. 

The idea that I can finally do everything I like in one go. About middle of October 2009. 

Creating a blog was just a new way of letting my ideas loose. I started blogging in September 2007. 

after my birthday i thought i can make a blog for my friend and my family and i made it
my birthday (4\dec\1990)

I created my blog as an outlet for my writing; it was a way to share my work (and hopefully get feedback!) and also to keep me writing regularly. Having a blog gave me deadlines (self-imposed, but once I had readers who were used to regular posts, I felt a responsibility to them) and an audience (and thus a reason to keep writing). I started it in August of 2006 and have been posting fairly regularly ever since. 

Originally it was going to be the misadventures of a 40-something introvert getting back into the world of dating after divorce. That went by the wayside when, two months or so after I started it, I found my now-husband and we hit it off instantly. That was back in the summer of 2003. 

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