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What was it that made you create your blog? On what date did you start it?

I created my blog because I felt like there is very little quality theatre in Los Angeles, and the large Broadway productions that tour through venues like Kodak and Pantages get most of the attention while the small, struggling but sincere local theatre companies who are putting on shows of higher intellectual quality are being ignored. In a town like LA it is hard to blow your own horn loud enough for anyone to hear you...so I thought I'd help. I started it a couple of years ago, primarily just reviewing random shows that I bought tickets for. Now I get invitations from local theatre groups and I like to think I'm building relationships that are mutually beneficial but in the end will give local, quality theatre in LA a bigger voice. 

I started blogging in June of 2009.

I had written some books and discipleship materials in years past, along with prophecies and an ongoing journal I'm always working on. I had just left a ministry I had been involved with, and it seemed the Lord was leading me to start writing again. Blogging seemed to be the right direction to go.

After I realized I couldn't limit myself to one "signature scent", as well as not really connecting with perfume reviews in general. Too often, opinions on scent become almost snobby; they don't speak in terms the average consumer would understand. The heart of a scent is emotion. When we smell something wonderful, we become elated, comforted, invigorated, calmed; when we smell something repulsive we feel frustrated, annoyed, even nauseated. We don't realize what an impact scent has in our everyday lives, and I wanted to portray that. Scents and perfumes are not just stuffy, glass-cut bottles on our grandmother's vanity that smell like mothballs and musk. So I decided in December to try my own hand at giving easy, basic reviews that include not only the anatomy of the scent, but what sort of emotions went through me upon wearing it. I want to make each entry as personal and helpful as possible in case someone out there who craves the basic, intimate opinion of a perfume stumbles upon them. 

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I am on a journey to lose over 100 lbs, change careers and learn to be a writer. I have learned that to be successful in reaching most goals, everday journaling is a definite advantage. With the encouragement from a friend, I realized a blog would be a very creative and exciting way to keep me journaling each and every day! I thought it would be fun to feel like I am taking others on this journey with me!
I started this blog on Jan 8, 2010. Its called..'So Anyway...'

I like to read and have spent much of my husbands money on books. I think he gets tears in his eyes, when he looks at all of them. I also enjoy surfing the internet, giving recommendations, and reading other peoples blogs. I figured, that I can combine the three, so I started the blog in December 2009. 

I created a blog and website called Arizona Atheist long before I ever started posting at Blogspot. The very first domain I had was at Yahoo.com, but that only lasted a few months, when I decided to move all my writings over to MySpace, where you can create your own blog. Both of those sites are now down and all I have left is my current blog at Blogspot.

I don't recall when I created the first website on Yahoo.com, but it was in late 2006. My current blog was started August 17, 2007 and thus far I've amassed over 500 posts. The reason I began writing was because some Christian friends I had at the time were constantly witnessing to me and were heavily influenced by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron's 'Way of the Master'. One evening I decided to watch the show to see what my friends were talking about. I couldn't even finish the show, Cameron and Comfort's outright lies and deception really got to me and so I decided to write about the falsehoods they were spreading and correct them. I've been writing ever since.

When it was time for me to pick out my colleges i realized that there's thousands of other teens going through what i'm doing (applying to college, stuck in an unfamiliar place, coming across obstacles) or at least they already went through it.
I started to feel this way on December 11 2009

It was the day that I had a small argument with my parents that I decided to make a blog. I felt desperate to pour out my feelings (of love, anger, disappointment, etc) in a human way. Writing them was the only way I could really comfort myself after what went on, so that's how I came to the Blogging world. I remember starting it last 2004, then grew tired of it when I had nothing to write about. I later resumed and renamed my blog in 2007 (active til now). 

I created my blog before starting college, so maybe July of 2009. I haven't had it that long, but I really try to update it often. It's mostly about school, my thoughts, and a few assignments for class. My English teacher actually made the class make a blog for assignments. Needless to say, I got extra credit.

I also recently started a new one for my articles from the school newspaper and my News Writing class. www.sarahtownsendswriting.blogspot.com

I realized that there really weren't that many fan sites for the HUNGER GAMES. (TONS of Twilight ones though.) I decided that since I loved the books so much it would be easy to blog about.

Umm...November 2009.

I started my blog a few months ago after seeing so many amazing blogs and wishing that I had a way to get my words out there on the web - to share my ideas, inspirations and the life and love of myself and my fiance. 

In June 2005, I got a job at a start-up hedge fund, where among other tasks, I managed special events and daily catered lunches for 100+ employees. After having found the website, www.chow.com, I was amazed by how many of the posters had blogs. That’s when I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Initially, “The Lunch Belle” was intended to be a pseudo “sounding board” where I could vent/praise both the restaurants that I worked with on a daily basis, and those that I chose to try/frequent off-the-clock.
The website was born in July 2007.

Well, I really didn't have a place to elaborate on my book, Suck it up, Buttercup! so I thought I would compliment the "mantra" content in the book with some more insightful thoughts in a daily blog. 

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