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What was it that made you create your blog? On what date did you start it?

We started writing our blog about 2 months ago with the goal of creating an online community, greater awareness of our non-profit agency, and increasing our google rating. 

The blog has been running in many forms for just over 2 years, but in its present form about a year.
Mobile comics are an up and coming media to write about

I've had a blog before but due to some unhappy events had to take it offline. Started a new one around Christmas 2008. First intention was to keep friends and family updated that I can't talk to regulary. When I travelled through Australia I used to sent mass emails with lots of pictures that would sometime block mail accounts. So I decided if someone wants to really know what's going on they can just come and have a look at my blog. 

I started my personal genealogy blog in December 2006 as a form of therapy. My mother's early-onset Alzheimer's Disease was beginning to take its toll on me emotionally and physically. I wanted an area to not only capture family memories and stories but also to connect with other people. 

My wife suggested I create it. To try & make long story short, I've had epilepsy since I was 16 which, to this current day, I've been on medeication for 25 years.
I was forced to finally stop factory work after some side effects kicked in as the hotter temperatures reacted with the medication & effected my liver readings.
After this, she suggested that I combine my sports knowledge & my numbers knowledge to help people win in sports picking. I already do a sports show on localcommunity radio, so, what the hell?? Well, it didn't take long to work out how the bookmakers do their odds, then I had to design a pythaogras based rating & the rest is history.
Oh, more importantly, I had to learn to blog.

I opened my blog in March 2009. Photography is my hobby and blogging is one way to share it to the world. 

Talking about my family, started in Dec 2009, moved to reviewing family friendly products in April 2010. 

I like to share what I find.

September 2009

I wanted an outlet where I could talk about films freely without being annoying to my friends and family :)
I started it five years ago or so.

I started the blog in April of 2006. I had been studying horticulture and it was a particularly wet spring and I was frustrated that I couldn't get out in the garden. I started reading other garden blogs and decided that having my own garden blog would be a good way to record how my garden developed. 

I started my blogs at various times in 2009. I had taken a leave of absence from law practice due to medical issues, and started blogs to keep my writing and research sharp, explore interest in emerging social media. 

I started in May, I had to be revising, and I wanted to waste some time. And, because the trains had annoyed me, I needed to tell someone and I couldn't fit everything I had to say in a twitter post (@Mark_Shadbolt) or facebook status. 

I started my blog in May, 2010, after being a SAHM for a year. I found that, while I completely loved being being at home with my little ones, I was starting to fall in a comfortable rut and lost touch with myself. I was living my life solely for my family and letting the other things that were important to me, like friends, dreams and needs fall off my list of priorities.

I started blogging to reconnect myself with me, and hopefully, help other moms find themselves, too.

I began blogging to share facts about the Edwardian era. Most general history books ignore this exciting slice of history between the Victorian era and the beginning of World War One, and it also was not popular with historical romance readers and writers. I wanted to prove that the period was just as interesting and romantic as the ever-popular Regency period. I began my blog in August 2007, and have made an effort to blog at least five times a month since that date! 

I started my own Blog back in March 2008. But then joined FoneArena in April 2009. FoneArena was started back in March 2005. 

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