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What was it that made you create your blog? On what date did you start it?

I met Charlie at Ring* Con & it was one of my best weekends of my life :D Then I thought about what to do for all the other fans in Germany, so I created the website, now Im running it in English & German.
I started running it on 12/12/10

My blog started out as simply a place to post about my handmade creations. Without passion and drive, my posts were few and far between. Until I found book blogging! Book blogging has changed my life for the better, and now I post almost daily with fun facts, interviews, and book reviews. 

I suffer from Panic Disorder and Anxiety Attacks and have for many years and I needed to find answers because I just was not able to do anything. Not even visit my mother who lived 6 hours away by car. I didn't want people to suffer like me. I found links that helped me, support groups that helped me, but what I really found was this program called panic away which really to be honest was what got me out the door and into the car to see my mother and family. I made it up there and stayed 10 days and then came home without any panic whatsoever. I wanted to share that with everyone who suffered with this so that they could get the help they need. It's time to stop panic attacks and it's time to end the anxiety and begin to live life! 

People from the fashion and blogging industry inspired us to create a blog of our own. Our biggest influence came from Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, Karla Deras of Karla's Closet & the Olsen Twins. We wanted to give back the favor, thus Siamese Sky was born. We started on the 27th of September, 2010. 

A huge love for the show is what started the blog but also, the fact that they have been to Europe and all over the USA and have never been up to Canada. We thought by having a Canadian site for them it might draw attention to all the fans they do have up here.

Our blog was started in Oct 2010

I started in May, because I have always enjoyed writing about the subject, and thought I would see if it could fly as a blog. I used to email colleagues with my thoughts, and probably annoyed quite a few. Now I can annoy the entire planet! 

I had just separated from my then husband and needed to "talk to someone" about what I was feeling. That was in January 2009. 

My friends and i are always talking about dresses,shoes,we go window shopping for items we think we need,we are all fashion conscious,and sometimes we meet a lot of women doing a lot of things wrong ie shaving all their eyebrows only to draw them on,men wearing over sized cloths......in that time,i thought why not start a blog that will help these people out.
The blog started in july of 2010

I was curious actually, I saw a friend post somethings on twitter and it was just something that sort of happened. It caught my attention right from the start.
I have been on tumblr since December 23, 2009.

We wanted to talk to other travelers about the things we talked about at home, on planes, on the subway and generally everywhere we went: where to go, how to afford it and most important: whether being off the radar is about where you are or how you see it. 

It was a chance to write about something that I was passionate about and at the same time attempt to create a great lifestyle working for myself. 

What made me create my blog was the desire to help women and some teenage mothers avoid the mistakes and drama that I had to either deal with or dealt with previously or currently. I started my blog December of last year. 

I like many things but people don't know about me much beacuse it was my habit to stay at home and do nothing especialy in my free time. So i decided that i need something that will people see about me and learn that i'm not just a careless fool 

By blogger, on 12/2/2009 

I decided to create a blog because I am always being asked to style advice and where to get the best deals by family and friends. On April of 2010, I decided to launch Juiciest Deals. 

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