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What will your epitaph be?

Thank God she's gone! 

AVR, composted on _/_/_ Live well, Laugh Lots, Eat me. 

"Seek the truth , run away from the one who has it " 

Not sure.. hopefully - he was a person who trully cared. 

That's how we roll. 

ol' pete, the builder of roads and maker of men, he used to be the worlds best friend. now he's gone whats left to say, he will be there waiting to greet me when it's my day 

It would say something about being a fighter, very courageous, fun-loving, warm & loving mother. Very protective. My kids think I'm one of the strongest people they've ever known. Stuff like that. 

I am not in this grave, but flowers are still appreciated. 

B. the Black Sheep

Born a black sheep, lived like a black sheep and died like a black sheep, but was certainly not eaten or used for shameless luxurious clothing...Amen.

Been and Gone 

Please don't bury me. 

Born of Flesh and Bone
Here lies my body
Now tattered and torn
Nothing ghostly about it!

Loved unconditionally. 


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