101691 interviews created 

What will your epitaph be?

"She's achieved her final goal"

www.whyrustalkingme.com - it's not just a blog, it's my reality.

She lived. 

What could have been will never be. He lies a hopeless dreamer. 

He ascended to 'His' HABITATION... 

Educated and well-traveled, Denae learned compassion for others. She spent her 30s learning how to live from the earth by gardening, appreciating nature and surrounding herself with kind people. 

And why not? 

Hernan Saldivar Herrero. 1994-2??? 

Please say you didn't cremate The Hair. 

Here lies Jonathan
Free Man of Terra

Son, Brother, Friend, Muse.

I was the light, it was the flame you seek

A line from an Outkast song: "Nothing is forever" 

thank u life.. ♥ 

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā 

i have no idea, i more than likely wont be around to see it 

Former enemy of God, saved by His Grace and now co-heir with Christ 

Found an eternity of bliss in a moment, now forever so thankful for the moment of eternity that is life! 

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