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What do you imagine yourself doing for your retirement?

A big party at my estate. 

Traveling, being a "park host" at some state or national park... or maybe running a bed and breakfast somewhere and writing every day! 

In nature, there is no substantially retirement. 

Cultural travel-spending months soaking up and participating in the cultures of many people and countries. 

The same that I do now. Hey! I'm already retired! 

Sailing on my half-million boat! 

trying to help respond to global warming - solar energy is of particular interest. 

haha, playing bowls on the internet. 


I would like to have a little farm. I see myself gardening, growing my own vegetables and raising a variety of animals. I'm definitely simple at heart. I would definitely take in a few rescues, horses in particular. I suppose this sounds like work but I think it would be wonderful. I am a person who finds mucking a stall relaxing and enjoyable. I would also love to be able to travel strictly to take photographs. As I am terrified of flying, this goal is one to be worked on. 

Probably what I'm currently doing right now. 

Hopefully a lot of volunteering. Relaxing. I'll have earned it. 

I'm sure I'll be dying for my retirement 

Oh, haunting an old school building, maybe. 

Getting away from here. 

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