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A word or expression that you detest.

Working for someone in an office. 

The black slang...'Boo' or 'Shorty'. 

I hate it when people try and 'show off' in their speech. 

"At the end of the day..." 

I suppose this might seem a bit strange, but I despise the word collective. It always seems to be used in association with a bunch of fools idling about pretending to effect change in the world when really it's all fueled by some need to belong to something, anything while extending a minimal effort. It seems using the term collective has become some sort of status symbol in this new eco conscious world of ours, and yet I see very few who fly this banner actually doing a whole hell of a lot of anything for anyone but themselves. Less label and more able I say. And you can take that with your morning coffee. 


I detest the word Can't because I CAN! 


Fierce. Yum. 

I can't 

Pretty much anything "l33t". FYI, fourteen-year-old boys of the world, that shit makes you sound like either a knuckle-dragging idiot or like a "Revenge of the Nerds" reject. Learn to spell; that's far more impressive to people at this late date. 

At the end of the day 


Customer Service....eek...sounds more like the complaint department. 


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