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A bad habit you have overcome.


I used to listen to Marilyn Manson in college. 

Oh, I've kept them all! 

smoking cigarettes 

I'm afraid I still retain most of my bad habits. 

If I feel someone is simply missing the big picture, I tend to argue a point too long. I am passionate about many issues, but some people just don't WANT to change their minds, and I waste too much time trying to educate those who want to remain ignorant. 

Smoking cigarettes. 

Smoking obviously!! 

Negitivity. I grew up in a home full of negitivity. That attitude stayed with me for years and spoiled a lot in my life.
Through counseling and the Word of God, (Philippians 4:8) I have learned to break the habit of negitivity and to think more possitive about situations and life in general.

Procrastination. Thanks Ayn Rand! 

Trusting people 

Smoking and not saying thank you to compliments. 

No habits to overcome :) 

Drugs. I was never an addict, but I used to do them a lot with my friends. Now that I've moved away from them, it's a lot easier. I miss them, but I'm glad that the negative things are out of my life. 


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