101691 interviews created 

In your lifetime, what is the best news you have ever seen printed?

I haven't seen enough good news to pick out the best. 

Anytime a preacher, televangelist, or any religious official gets caught doing something terrible. What's great is that it never ends. 

Barrack Obama won the presidency 

Man on the Moon 

The New York Yankees are World Champions. And I've seen it quite a few times. Although I'm waiting for one that also reads, the recession is over...that'd be nice. 

"Local Man Ruins Everything" 


"you have been accepted into *insert my school here* performing arts."
me being accepted to go to greece with the consulate.

That Breaking Benjamin, Red, Chevelle and Thousand Foot Krutch were coming to my city. 

Obama becomes the 44th President of The United States of America 

I have no idea. 

coverage about my work in family tree 

"I'm Back" MJ March 18th 1995 

This may sound odd but I would say the weeks after September 11th. Many of us had a loved ones that were killed, myself included. Out of the horrific carnage, we saw the uniting of America bonded not just by our nationality but also with the determination to to honor those that have died and rise above the ashes in their memories. The rich cultural pictures that emerged from that tragedy as well as the stories of survival will stay with me to the end. 

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