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It is 5 pm on a typical Sunday: what are you doing?

Finishing my homework or just on Twitter or Facebook. 

Usually seeing a show, at a friend's house for a party or hosting a party. (My husband sometimes asks that we don't do anything on a Sunday night. He needs a break every once in a while.) 

DOING HOMEWORK ALL DAY SO AT 5PM ALSO. but if i dont do it( that like never happens but if) im probably outside or just catching entertainment, justin bieber and other celebrities news on the internet and tv. 

I meet my friends and we go somewhere to dine. I like this time! 

@ chunky Sunday in G-ville in Polk county 863 FLA Balling 

Drinking Old Dusseldorf at The King Kamehameha club on Rick's tab. Oh, and thinking about all people I know who go blowed up. 

Fetching the Captain some beers or revising for my SLA entry exam.... or fighting crime! You never know when you're going to get the call. 


Checking the time 

Typical things 

I'm listening to music, watching a film or doing my homework. 

I'm in my hose with my family, or watching a movie at cinema.. 

Watching tv while on twitter and petting my pet bunny named after Alysha M. Of www.naughtyalysha.com fame. 

Skypeing my mother in France. 

This is not yet encountered, and explain the situation can't. 

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