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How do you respond to telemarketing calls?

I tell them to put me on the "do not call" list, politely say goodbye and hang up. 

Listen to there shpill, say no thanks, Hang up 

I don't answer. 

i do not have caller ID so i talk to them as if they were my neighbor or best friend!! "how was your day today?" " we should hang out sometime." "Want a sandwich?" 

If I answer the phone and it is a telemarketing call with a live person, I will politely say "no thank you" and hang up. If the message is automated, I simply hang up. 

What can you offer me for my time? 

I do not have to answer,cause i have a inhibition for them. 

I try not to...LOL 

hang up 

Thank you but I'm not interested right now. 



i dont 

Oh, that's funny. I sound like a child on the phone (not something I'm proud of...) so the attendants ask me to call my parents. They're never home ;) 

Pretend i'm Amish 

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