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How do you respond to telemarketing calls?



i dont 

Oh, that's funny. I sound like a child on the phone (not something I'm proud of...) so the attendants ask me to call my parents. They're never home ;) 

Pretend i'm Amish 

I try and be as kind as possible, the caller is normally so stressed I want to soothe him/her for a few minutes, even though I tend to decline each and every offer 

I pretend the phone is playing up and rub my finger over the wholes so it sounds all crackly and then hang up. 

I hang up 

I do not like telemarketing calls and will generally just answer "yes" until the caller ends the call. 

just wish them a nice day and tell that i am not interested. 

I usually ignore, but if I answer I usually will speak to them and no talk about what they want until I'm bored and hang up. 

If it's an unknown number I usually don't even answer the phone, so that usually gets rid of 'em! 

I hang up! 

Sometimes I start marketing a few things with them! But if I am in a middle of something important, I can be very harsh. 


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