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How do you explain the rise in "fame" culture?

It's a government leadership failure to lionise in schools those who produce real products (which we need if we are to continue to consume them), and champion engineering and innovation.

We can't all be entertainers, though we need some, and we must encourage youngsters that it is possible to become skilled, and that the quick and easy route suggested by the entertainment industry doesn't always lead to a pot of gold. Sometimes, the hard slog and gradual development is the best option.

What we also need to do is to encourage at all ages and all levels of society the idea that we continue learning in life, and try ourselves to support opportunities for those less privileged than ourselves.

Not all fame culture products are good, neither bed. It depends of a way of bringing a child and level of self consciousness. 

Emptiness. Low-self esteem. Envy. 

It's all an escape man. It is much easier to focus on someone elses live then your own especially in today's society. 

Simple, it's all a game for "attention." When the fame culture ceases to get attention, from pretending that its promotion efforts are for its atention seeking clients, instead of itself, ONLY then will we see the big push back, as so too will its fame cluture promoters disappear, as the public wises up... 

bullshit. you have talentless twats up on stages, in films and on tv for no damn reason, just because they had 'the look' or because they have famous connections and shit. 

because it is a way to get a "beautiful life" and "easy money" 

It's much easier than earning it. 

Unsatisfied with their own lives and/or appearances people turn to sensationalised figures in the media, often film & tv celebrities to emulate as a way of bringing some glamour into their own lives. 

Fame culture I would say some ppl actualy work hard and do the right things to make it in the industry other they compromise and they comform to an image that is false just to be in the fame arena! 

I believe it is mostly due to over saturation of the media, which has at it's disposal an incredible ability to disseminate useless information on a massive scale. Just a century ago, the notable famous people were relatively few and tended to be truly of significant importance, whereas today anyone who can manipulate the media and society into giving them any attention has already surpassed the modest efforts of celebrities from 100 years ago. We desperately want to believe that we have a connection to greatness and have adapted it into our collective and personal identities, using icons of fame as types of ourselves and our potential. The popular media understands this dynamic and bombards us with a constant stream of anecdotes of select people who often have very little to contribute to the broader scope of cultural history. 

We don't recognize the royalty in our own psyches. We need to dig for our own creativity and not depend on others for our cultural diet. We project too much of our own abilities onto the talents of others. 


Access and immediate gratification begets what's hot next, very quickly 

The internet, specifically YouTube and blogging. Now people who wish to be famous have direct access to the means of publication. There's no one channeling your latest video antics or your latest ramblings. You can make yourself a star with very few middle men. That has awakened and redefined the public's image of "fame." Now people honestly believe they can be famous with little or no effort. And that has redefined the values people think can make one famous.

I'm not saying this is a good thing.

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